AirPlay now available in Windows Media Center

AirPlay is now available for your Windows Media Center box. It was only a matter of time after the AirPlay encryption keys were cracked that we would start to see AirPlay appearing on other platforms. Now it has been ported to the very popular Windows Media Center.

Developer Thomas Pleasance has put together a simple install package that does its magic and sure enough, once installed, your Media Center box appears on your iOS device as AirPlay capable.

I have tested AirPlay on my Windows 7 Media Center box and it works very very well. There is currently no support for music streaming or video content which contains DRM; such as iTunes purchased content. Photos, YouTube and any other video content seem to work perfectly. The software is currently in beta but don’t let that put you off!

Do any of our readers use Windows Media Center? Will you be giving this a whirl? Let us know in the comments!

[Thomas Pleasance via The Digital Lifestyle]


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Reader comments

AirPlay now available in Windows Media Center


That's a very poor choice of words here. I use my Xbox for Windows Media Center stuff and from what I can tell this won't enable Airplay on that "box." Sure would be nice though...

that would be awesome i agree, it would need microsoft to put in some kind of support which i doubt they will because of apple and questionable legality. Unless apple can licence it to them, but with the apple tv being their baby i cant see that happening

Is this a jailbreak? Cause i dont. Will it work with pc's? I've got an xp machine hooked up to the big tv, but idk if wmc software is available for xp.

WMC is available for XP. It is not as good as the win7 version but it works. Not sure if this AirPlay install us compatible with the XP version.

Umm, why oh why oh why would anyone use Winstupid Media Player? And why would you want to "hack" the beauty of AirPlay onto a crippled machine?

You can also try Aerodrom (
Aerodrom is a Windows host for AirPlay / AirTunes. It let you stream audio, video, photos and slideshows from your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad wirelessly to your Windows PC or notebook and even Windows Media Center using AirPlay technology.