Al Gore praises Tim Cook's leadership at Apple, tells people to "tune in" to next week's event

Former Vice President of the United States and current Apple board member Al Gore took a minute to sit down with Bloomberg and talk about, among other things, Apple. Gore praised the leadership of CEO Tim Cook, saying that Cook has done very well since taking over from Steve Jobs. He also encouraged people to "tune in" to next week's event, where Apple is expected to unveil its next iPads, along with updates to some updates for Macs.

Source: Bloomberg

Joseph Keller

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Al Gore praises Tim Cook's leadership at Apple, tells people to "tune in" to next week's event

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Oh and I meant a TV related announcement since TV shows tell you to tune in

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Last time they were in this location they did.. doesn't mean they will this time though.. When they did the iPhone even from the campus, my understanding they couldn't stream from that location..

Hopefully as a larger even for multiple products they will.

How can one of the biggest frauds to ever hold public office be allowed on the BOD of such a great company. Doesn't say much about the integrity of AAPL's management. Maybe it's one of those situations where the board will believe whatever the CEO is shoveling. Gore wouldn't know the difference in an iPhone versus an iBall.

Al Gore is major piece of shit, even the people in his home state hate him. Why? Because they know even more of his disgusting history.

In spite of Gore is recommending to watch, I'll probably watch. Usually when Gore recomends something the best thing to do is the exact opposite.

Yeah, because AlGore invented the Internet and is now telling people that he wanted to buy Twitter. And his business track record is so good. He only sold that news juggernaut Current TV to Al Jeezera because he had an offer he couldn't refuse.

To all the anti-establishment, rage against the machine, occupy - whatever low lives...... The establishment. The machine. The government has infiltrated your precious Apple.

Capitalism trumps your idealism. Grow up & join the rest of the adults.