October 16 to be Steve Jobs day, private industry memorial, Apple Retail closing for celebration

Steve Jobs: 1955 - 2011

According to The Wall Street Journal, a private memorial will be held for Steve Jobs on October 16, with invitees to include close industry friends.

The event will be held at Stanford University's campus Sunday evening, according to the invitation.

Guests to the invitation-only service were asked to respond to Emerson Collective, a philanthropic organization established by Laurene Powell Jobs, Mr. Jobs's wife.

California Governor Jerry Brown has also announced October 16 will official be "Steve Jobs Day" in the state.

Meanwhile, 9to5Mac reports that Apple's internal celebration of Steve Jobs' life on October 19 will include Apple Retail employees.

Apple Stores will be closing for one hour (1-2 EST, 10-11 PST) on that Wednesday in memory of Steve Jobs. Apple Store employees will use that one hour to view a live webcast of the Cupertino-based celebration.

The public continues to mourn by leaving cards, flowers, and notes at Apple Stores worldwide, and many wore Jobs' signature black tops and blue jeans to the iPhone 4S launch last Friday.

Sources: Wall Street JOurnal, 9to5Mac, TUAW

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Reader comments

October 16 to be Steve Jobs day, private industry memorial, Apple Retail closing for celebration


When will this obsessiveness stop? Ok, this guy was phenomenal and turning other people's ideas into success. But come off it already, he's d-e-a-d! Stop being so emo with the black background and get over it. It's time to move forward. Jobs was no God, just a great success story.

wow... kinda dickheaded, don't you think? can't you wait until after all of the services/life celebrations are over to jump on that bandwagon? let it fizzle out. steve touched the lives of a lot more people than anyone really knows. hell, the device you typed that BS response on was in some way, shape or form inspired by the man you're bashing.

I'm sorry but there is a point to what he has said, certainly I do not think that Steve Jobs would expect the world to stand still. I don't intend to insult you or upset anyone by saying it but he didn't stop and wait to die from his Cancer, he carried on with more momentum to do as much as he could.
Everyone should learn from how he dealt with his cancer and I know that he worked right up until the point where it was impossible to work before he resigned as CEO and when he said that he could no longer manage to fill his duties as CEO he meant it.
It's time, certainly after today, for everyone to focus on the future and do as Steve Jobs would have desired, to move forward and make use of our own time that we have.
Again I don't intend to insult or upset you but it is true, there has to be a time to move past the Death of Steve Jobs and be thankful that his last days were spent with family and remember that he gave so much to the world of technology!

No. If you want to celebrate someone who "touched the lives of a lot more people than anyone really knows" then it would be Dennis Ritchie the inventor of C and the father UNIX which just about everything Apple makes is based upon as well as a huge chunk of the rest of the technology industry. Yet few even knows who he is because he was never elevated to "celebrate" status.

Rene, the only thing missing here is an ode or requiem to Steve. How long is your mourning going to last?
Steve is an icon and we have already expressed our admiration in the past few days and I think we should move one.

It means that there might be a chance of not having the black and white high contrast web pages for tipb but somehow I think this period of mourning could run into decades.
Certainly this does seem to have become very OCD

I'm kind of surprised about the "get over it already" attitude. If you weren't effected my Job's death or if you were but you're over it already, good for you. Why rush others through their process? This post is reporting news related to Apple. I'm pretty sure that Apple news is why mosts visitor come to this site. Some Apple fans are still in mourning. That's that's the news. If you didn't mourn, or you're already done, good for you, but rushing people through their grief is rude, unkind, and unproductive.