Apple 2013 Tech Talk videos, presentations now available to developers

Apple has posted their 2013 Tech Talk videos and presentations to their developer center. The talks, given by members of Apple's technology evangelist team, took place across North America, Asia, and Europe, and covered both apps and games, design and development. Here's a sampling of the description from the Interface Design talk, from Apple's Developer Portal:

iOS 7 sets a new standard for user interface design excellence and offers many opportunities for crafting immersive, delightful, and memorable user experiences. Discover how layering, tinting, Text Kit, motion effects, dynamics, and animation can make your apps more usable, unique, and intuitive.

The evangelists are terrific, the Tech Talks like a WWDC on wheels, and all of the sessions are very likely must-watch for developers. Check them out now!

Source: Apple Developer

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Apple 2013 Tech Talk videos, presentations now available to developers

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