Apple acquires micro-LED display company LuxVue Technologies

Apple acquires micro-LED display company LuxVue

Apple has apparently acquired LuxVue Technologies, a company focused on developing micro-LED displays. LuxVue, which until now has maintained a low profile, last year filed for several patents regarding micro-LED technologies. One investor in the company claimed that the company had achieved a "technical breakthrough" in display technology. While Apple did not outright confirm the purchase, when asked, they responded that Apple buys smaller companies regularly, and doesn't go into details on their plans.

It's likely that Apple wants to use LuxVue's technology for more energy-efficient displays on their mobile devices. Micro-LEDs have the potential to improve battery life without compromising screen quality. And while this technology would undoubtedly be useful in a future iPhone, it would be far more meaningful for a smaller device, like the iWatch. Whatever shape that device ends up taking, battery life will be of vital importance, both to Apple and its customers. LuxVue's display technology, combined with technology developed from Apple's purchase of Passif Semiconductor, could help produce a device with a colorful touchscreen that still has good battery life.

How do you think Apple will use LuxVue's technology? Let us know below in the comments.

Source: TechCrunch, MacRumors

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Apple acquires micro-LED display company LuxVue Technologies


Meaningful for a small iWatch type device, or meaningful for iPhones, MacBooks, and iPads--to improve battery life?

Or, are they taking the Apple TV box, adding a screen, 4g, and calling it a mobile TV?

Some may never know.

Anything to help with the less than stellar iPhone battery life is a welcome addition.

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Apple one there lawsuit against Samsung! how come you always so late to the game I more!!!! Come on..get it together baby!!!! y'all always so late to the game

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*won and only partially for what they were suing for. And there is an article posted. Maybe comment on that one....

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Apple won their lawsuit against Samsung! Why are you always so late to the game, iMore?
Come on... get it together, baby!!!! Y'all are always so late to the game.