Apple adds iCloud TV Show re-downloading to iPhone, iPad

Apple adds iCloud TV Show streaming to iPhone, iPad

Our writer at large, Chad Garrett, spotted TV Shows in the Cloud today on his iPhone. It seems Apple has pulled the trigger on TV Show re-downloads, much as they've always allowed for apps and previously announced for music. It's limited to TV Shows (no movies), and to the US for now, but it's nice to see Apple adding functionality to iCloud so quickly -- even before the formal launch this fall.

Are you seeing TV shows under your purchased content in

Update: Not all shows yet, apparently. Perhaps some networks haven't (yet) agreed to be part of the service?

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Reader comments

Apple adds iCloud TV Show re-downloading to iPhone, iPad


The only thing not seeing on here besides movies is some of the NFL game highlight/recap shows that I've downloaded. I wonder if they are only going back a specific amount of years for now.

I see most of my stuff. I do not however see the new episodes of Eureka on there. Just the older ones. :(

Yup. Nice. Just downloaded a bunch of shows to the MBP for a long trip, now I can finish them on my phone. Nice...

It appeared on my iPad 2, but a lot of stuff is still missing.
For example: I purchased several season passes for the X Games over the last years and it shows only this year's event, not the past ones.

Also I can't seem to see Avatar - The Last Airbrender right now.
PS: Can anyone actually stream a full episode? I can't seem to. I can download the full episode and stream a 30 second preview but that's it.

Please check your sources first.
It's not streaming. It gives you a 30 second preview and you can download the show to your device.
Streaming would not require you to download anything to your device.

Cool, but only one episode from all three seasons of "Breaking Bad" appears. (The pilot.) Wonder why? All my "Sopranos," "The Wire" and "Scrubs" episodes are available.

Hey working for me not everything is on, but it's looking good. I also noticed music videos are on the music side of iCloud. I would luv it if they allowed us to stream the content, but I guess now due to these limited caps and throttling that's a lost cause.
Can they add my podcast subscriptions with streaming so I don't constantly have to be downloading it?