Apple adds new 'Space Gray' color to iPod touch, nano and shuffle

If you're quite taken with the new "Space Grey" color Apple introduced today with the iPhone 5s, then you might be interested to know that it extends beyond the latest iPhone. First noticed by Macrumors, the iPod touch, shuffle and nano can now be ordered from the Apple Store in the new color.

In the UK and U.S, the iPod nano and shuffle can be ordered in Space Gray to be despatched within 24 hours. The iPod touch is currently showing 7-10 days, which puts it much closer to the launch of the iPhone 5s. It's a pretty awesome color, and it's great to see that Apple customers not getting in on a new iPhone 5s get the chance to pick something up in Space Gray.

So, where's that gold iPod then?

Source: Apple via Macrumors

Richard Devine

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There are 13 comments. Add yours.

RealNeal says:

But is that the only change this year, or will we get a product refresh in time for the holidays?

stephen007 says:

This IS the iPhone refresh for the holidays. There won't be another one until next year.

RealNeal says:

Stephen - are you sure? Where did you hear this?


stephen007 says:

For the iPhone this is it... the product refresh for this year. There won't be another one until, most likely, next fall. There could be other refreshes still coming this fall as they didn't talk about iPod, iPad or Apple TV during the presentation yesterday. I just meant that these are the phones for the holidays.

BobJones19 says:

yeah where is the new iPod and iPad?

zdn1042 says:

I see. So they replaced Black with Space Gray. Is black that much of a scratch/fingerprint-magnet? Or is there another reason for the change?

stephen007 says:

Renee/Ally have mentioned previously that black is harder to annodize. That being said, I dunno.

I wish they'd post a gallery with the new colors so I can figure out which one I like the best.

Tre says:

I'd like to see photos of the black 5 vs. the space gray 5s

mkdll says:

Seriously, Space Gray? What the heck?

SockRolid says:

Illogical name. What, exactly, is gray about space?

Devin Sullivan says:

I have been waiting to take my iPhone lover affair to the next level and now I can dream in color... And iMore is feeding my passion even more.

chuckz28 says:

I'm pretty bummed. My 4th gen iPod touches won't get ios7 and if I upgrade to new iPod touches they get the old a5 chip. Why couldn't apple at least upgrade to an a6 chip?

SockRolid says:

Ah, but will there be "Space Gray" and "Gold" iPads next month?
And, some day, color-anodized enclosures for the MacBook Air?