Apple profiles the Vice Presidents that report directly to Tim Cook

Apple profiles the Vice Presidents that report to Tim Cook

Apple has started highlighting a new tier of their executive team, adding five vice presidents to their Executive Profiles page. The five VPs are Paul Deneve, Lisa Jackson, Joe Podolny, Johny Srouji, and Denise Young Smith. All five report directly to CEO Tim Cook.

Each VP in this lineup has a special role at Apple. Podolny is the Dean of Apple University. Srouji is the Vice President of Hardware Technologies. Smith is the Vice President of Worldwide Human Resources. Deneve is the Vice President of Special Projects, and was hired last year from Yves Saint Laurent, having worked at Apple in Europe previously. Lisa Jackson runs Apple's Environmental Initiatives, and was formerly an administrator with the Environmental Protection Agency.

It's likely that these five were chosen because they report directly Cook. Most Vice Presidents at Apple report to Senior Vice Presidents like Craig Federighi or Jony Ive.

What do you think about Apple increasing the visibility of some of its executive team? Tell us below in the comments.

Source: Apple

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Apple profiles the Vice Presidents that report directly to Tim Cook


I think it's pretty obvious. All white boys club was recently broken up with a woman. Adding the vice presidents reporting directly to Cook adds two more with the bonus of changing up the color tone. All with the diversity pr going on among the tech companies now.

I'm just gonna post this here. Does Apple really need to be featuring Robin Williams movies in their ads right now? Are they that starved for cash? Gawd. Can't a guy rest in peace without someone trying to make a buck?