Apple adds Textbooks to the iBookstore

Apple has announced iBooks 2 at their education event in New York. With this comes the edition of a new Textbooks section in the iBookstore. You'll be able to search for textbooks in the same way you currently find all your other books or apps. One click purchase is available as well as a free sample of the book.

The iBooks update is available today as a free download from the App Store.

Free - App Store Link

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Reader comments

Apple adds Textbooks to the iBookstore


Well, if the parents have to pay for it vs the schools, it's cheaper for the schools. Makes me wonder how this will shake things up in the textbook world though. A lot of the textbook info is based on what Texas wants (since they're a big purchaser). Without that limitation, could make for a lot more updated books.

And guess what! Textbooks are not available outside the US.
Apple - please be aware that some people are not American. Most of them, actually.

As a Canadian consumer of Apple Products, and a part-time student i was really looking forward to this, and than to find out text books not available to Canadians, shame on Apple!!