Apple to adopt 10Gbps LightPeak soon?

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Intel's new ultra-high speed, 10Gbps LightPeak connector might just be adopted by Apple soon, and under their own branded name, according to CNET's sources. That's more than 4x faster than USB 2.0's 480Mbps, which is currently supported by iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Now since MacBook refreshes are all the rumor-rage right now, that's what's expected to get the LightPeak (or whatever Apple ends up calling it) love, maybe as soon as this week. But wouldn't that be fantastic for iOS as well, especially for people who sync lots of big games, navigation apps, movies, and other media? If Apple transitions from the 30-pin Dock connector to an EU-favored micro-USB we gain nothing but access to more same-speed cables with less pins. With LighPeak we get blazing fast connections.

I won't get my hopes up for iPad 2 or iPhone 5... but how about iPad 3 and iPhone 6? Anyone else want that future now?


Rene Ritchie

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Altimate31 says:

I love the guy who called himself "Dbag" saying "first" . . . seriously lmfao!!

Luke says:

Oh please, this is nothing to be excited about. Maybe the first sync after you wipe a phone takes a while, but faster phone to pc bandwidth isn't something I'm excited about... Fat download pipes are what we really need.

tuscanidream says:

Ewww. He said "Pee Cee" lol

Rt says:

Nothing to be excited about? You must not do much audio/visual production pro photography/video or back up entire drives very often. This really will be a boon to pro/prosumer apps if it ever comes out!

Shrike says:

I'm excited about it. A prospective 128 GB iOS device with high speed storage (200 MByte/s) and a Mac with SSD would actually make use of it. Would love it in a, crosses fingers, 64 GB iPhone 5. I need that 64 GB. Better yet 128.

Jimbo says:

Jailbroken, where you can see it as a HD, yes.
Otherwise, yawn.

Shrike says:

Oh Rene, check your math. 4x over USB 2? Try 20x or 20.83 if you're pedantic. Probably 4x over USB 3 though.

Jolokia says:

I was just going to say this :)

FLskydiver says:

As was I. Basic math fail, no?

Ilovegeorgia says:

I want that speed, it takes so long to sync sometimes.

Luke says:

I'd love the transfer speeds but let's just leave it at USB3. Nobody really NEEDS these faster speeds other than certain applications (backups, server clusters, etc) with which we already have 10GB copper and 8GB fibre. However, once a large enough segment of users are given fat, fast connections; the cloud will truly take off, and we'll all truly benefit.

macharborguy says:

Its not about need, but want. I may not need the extra speed, but i sure as hell WANT it. :D

Shrike says:

Yeah, one or the other is fine with me. However, Light Peak is supposedly Intel's one connector to rule them all. It can replace USB, eSATA, Firewire, Ethernet, DisplayPort and HDMI.
Have 4 of those ports in a laptop, you can have any combination of displays, RAIDs, Ethernet, and your typical input devices. Since it is protocol agnostic, it could drive 1, 2, 3 or 4 external displays, or 2 ethernet lines, or 3 enternal RAID boxes.
If an iOS device has it, it could output to external displays, be an external display, connect through ethernet, USB or Firewire protocols.
It would be pretty cool if they could pull it off.

Jonathan Seals says:

If it charges the battery on my iPhone and iPad faster, then yes, I'm hopeful.

Chip chipperson says:

The EU has done nothing but ruin stuff

Justin Fowler says:

10 gigabytes PER second?!? Wow, that's pretty fast, I mean, if we had a light peak on each end, a 3d app could be transferred in seconds!

Buci1er says:

Gigabits.... Not bytes...

Jeff Higgins says:

The EU is idiotic and bankrupt and exists to stifle innovation. The United States should tell the EU to shove it. I'm really tired of their nonsense rulings. I wouldn't be surprised if they forced Apple to put Flash on the iPhone.

Jimbo says:

Amazing how bleeding heart liberal Apple fans suddenly become laissez-faire libertarians when it is their precious Apple being examined

Kenny says:

Bleeding heart liberal Apple fans? Rush Limbaugh is a pretty big fan of Apple, and I wouldn't describe him as bleeding heart liberal. Not everyone who owns an Apple product is left-wing, and I myself am a good example

Edward says:

Awesome Flash picture, guys!

SockRolid says:

14th. If the rumors are true, Apple won't be calling it "Light Peak." My guess would be "The Last Wired Connector You'll Ever Need, Trust Us On This One Peak."

HandsomeHorse says:

The picture is kinda misleading since Flash will never come to the iPhone/Pads

Jacksparrow says:

I believe flash will eventually be officially supported by iPhone. Steve isn't getting any younger if you pay attention to the news. And when he is gone the board of directors will eventually abandon ideology for profits and competitive advantage.

OmariJames says:

Is LightPeak backwards compatible with USB ? if apple does go to LP wouldn't they have to upgrade their computers first and also wait for others to catch up first ?