Apple announces new enterprise features in iOS 8

Apple announces new enterprise features in iOS 8

Apple has announced new enterprise features as part of iOS 8. These include more powerful S/MIME features, VIP threads, and much more.

Enterprise is a very important area for Apple, with 98% of Fortune 500 companies using iOS devices. iOS 8 will feature per-message S/MIME, VIP threads with their own notifications, and automatic out-of-office replies. Additionally, users can mark themselves as "Free" or "Busy" in Calendar and manage their books.

Keep your eyes on our liveblog of the Keynote for the latest updates on iOS 8.

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Apple announces new enterprise features in iOS 8


The key word was "using" meaning those same 98% may also use Android, Windows phones and Blackberry. We use IOS at my employment, but also Android.

...and zero enhanced security, so I won't be able to ditch Good for Enterprise, which is terrible. This one is a missed opportunity, IMO.

No Kidding.. "Good" is an abomination. The name is the opposite of the truth. Good is just God Awful. They could have added simple encryption and few other little features... or just let other email apps like Good use PUSH. but NO..

Any chance that iOS8 will natively allow e-mailing to groups? I have a bunch of groups in Outlook but Apple won't use them. I have used MailShot Pro with some success to re-create my groups on the phone, and it's a pain to set up and manage, but it's better than nothing.