Apple announces OS X 10.10 Yosemite with new look, better Spotlight, and more

Apple announces OS X 10.10 Yosemite with new look, better Spotlight, and more

Apple announced OS X 10.10 Yosemite today during WWDC 2014. OS X Yosemite features a new design, as well as features like Handoff, which keeps your Mac in communication with your iOS devices, and improved Spotlight search.

Below is Apple's official statement on the announcement of OS X 10.10.

Press release:

Apple Announces OS X Yosemite

Introduces Refined New Design, Powerful Apps & Amazing New Continuity Features

SAN FRANCISCO―June 2, 2014―Apple® today announced OS X® Yosemite, a powerful new version of OS X redesigned and refined with a fresh, modern look, powerful new apps and amazing new continuity features that make working across your Mac® and iOS devices more fluid than ever. The new Today view in Notification Center gives you a quick look at everything you need to know, all in one place; iCloud Drive™ is located within the Finder and can store files of any type; and Safari® has a new streamlined design that puts the most important controls at your fingertips. Mail makes editing and sending attachments easier than ever; Handoff lets you start an activity on one device and pass it to the other; and Instant Hotspot makes using your iPhone's hotspot as easy as connecting to a Wi-Fi network. Yosemite even gives you the ability to make iPhone® calls on your Mac.

"Yosemite is the future of OS X with its incredible new design and amazing new apps, all engineered to work beautifully with iOS," said Craig Federighi, Apple's senior vice president of Software Engineering. "We engineer our platforms, services and devices together, so we are able to create a seamless experience for our users across all our products that is unparalleled in the industry. It's something only Apple can deliver."

With Yosemite, OS X has been redesigned and refined with a fresh modern look where controls are clearer, smarter and easier to understand, and streamlined toolbars put the focus on your content without compromising functionality. Translucent elements reveal additional content in your app window, provide a hint at what's hidden behind and take on the look of your desktop. App icons have a clean, consistent design and an updated system font improves readability.

The new Today view in Notification Center gives you a quick look at everything you need to know with widgets for Calendar, Weather, Stocks, Reminders, World Clock and social networks. You can even download additional widgets from the Mac App Store℠ to customize your Today view. Spotlight® now appears front and center on your desktop and adds new categories of results, so you can view rich suggestions from Wikipedia, Maps, Bing, App Store, iTunes Store®, iBooks Store™, top websites, news and movie showtimes.

Built right into the Finder, iCloud Drive stores files of any type in iCloud®. iCloud Drive works like any other folder on your Mac, so you can drag documents into it, organize them with folders and Tags and search for them using Spotlight. With iCloud Drive, you can access all your files in iCloud from your Mac, iPhone, iPad® or even a Windows PC.

Safari has a new streamlined design that puts the most important controls at your fingertips. A new Favorites view gives you quick access to your favorite websites, and a powerful new Tabs view displays thumbnails of all your open web pages in one window. Safari also gives you more control over your privacy, with separate Private Browsing windows and built-in support for DuckDuckGo, a search engine that doesn't track users. When you search for popular or common terms, new Spotlight Suggestions appear along with the suggestions from your search provider. Safari supports the latest web standards, including WebGL and SPDY, and with support for HTML5 Premium Video Extensions, you can watch Netflix HD videos for up to two hours longer.¹ Powered by the Nitro JavaScript engine, Safari is over six times faster than Firefox and over five times faster than Chrome when executing JavaScript found in typical websites.²

Mail makes editing and sending attachments easier than ever. With Markup you can quickly fill out and sign forms and even annotate images and PDFs from within Mail. Mail Drop allows you to easily send large videos, images or files up to 5GB from the Mail app to any email address. Messages has a new look and delivers even more options for communicating with friends and family. Now you can add titles to ongoing message threads so they are easy to find, add new contacts to ongoing conversations, or leave those conversations you no longer want to follow. With Soundbites you can create, send and listen to audio clips right in Messages.

Continuity features in Yosemite make your Mac and iOS device perfect companions. When your iPhone or iPad is near your Mac, Handoff lets you start an activity on one device and pass it to the other. Instant Hotspot makes using your iPhone's hotspot as easy as connecting to a Wi-Fi network.³ Now the SMS and MMS messages that previously only appeared on your iPhone appear in Messages on all your devices. You can even send SMS or MMS messages directly from your Mac and make or receive iPhone calls using your Mac as a speakerphone.⁴

Yosemite delivers platform technologies that make it easier for developers to create amazing new Mac apps. SpriteKit makes it easier to incorporate realistic motion, physics and lighting in games, and integrates with SceneKit to bring 3D casual gaming within reach of any developer. Storyboards for Yosemite and Xcode® 6 take advantage of the new View Controller APIs in AppKit to make it easier to build apps that navigate between multiple views of data. New APIs allow developers to integrate Handoff into their own apps and create Today view widgets for distribution through the Mac App Store. Share Menu extensions add new destinations to the Share Menu, and new APIs let developers create custom Share Sheets.

The developer preview of Yosemite is available to Mac Developer Program members starting today. To help make OS X even better, Apple is introducing the OS X Beta Program, which gives customers early access to Yosemite and invites them to try out the release and submit their feedback. Mac users can participate in the OS X Beta Program for Yosemite this summer and download the final version for free from the Mac App Store this fall. Customers interested in signing up can visit for more details.

Apple designs Macs, the best personal computers in the world, along with OS X, iLife, iWork and professional software. Apple leads the digital music revolution with its iPods and iTunes online store. Apple has reinvented the mobile phone with its revolutionary iPhone and App Store, and is defining the future of mobile media and computing devices with iPad.

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Apple announces OS X 10.10 Yosemite with new look, better Spotlight, and more


Or I can stay with mavs. Why would I go to windows? It has color but still flat. I don't want my women flat, so why would I like a flat OS?

Heh, at least it has color. :) Pretty soon the Mac will be back to black and white, except that they'll have tossed all the hard-learned UI experience out the windows, so you'll just have to press at possible 'buttons' that you don't know what they do and hope for the best.

Any news on excluded Mac Books? Will it run on any model that can run Mavericks?

Posted via the Android iMore App!

Wow. Apple caught up to Windows Vista, Google Drive and Google Voice. They used to be market leaders. Now they copy everyone else and pass it off to Phan Boiz as innovation. Disappointing.

Every single time new software is presented there will be people like you to remind us all that: Apple, once again, will see more users, more computers sold, more people downloading the new OSX and, eventually, succeeding.

I use 6 Macs and 8 PC's every day at work. I have a Mac and 2 PC's at home. I'm not a Mac or PC guy. I USE BOTH. But what was announced today was neither new nor innovative. These are all features that have been available on other platforms or in other apps. You Phan Boiz just can't see it. Tim could lay a turd on the stage and Phan Boiz would be posting about how incredible it was and his presentation of said turd was. I watched the keynote on Leo Laporte's site. It was refreshing to hear an honest, unbiased report instead of swooning.

So lets see Windows Vista??? Really go away hater!!! Mac OS 9 was better than Vista. Google Drive is Crap please compare it to Dropbox. Google Voice is NOT VoIP though neither is what Apple just introduced (and I have used Voice since it was Grand Central clue into what that product really is).

Continuity is very cool. Windows and Google cannot come close to that. As for the Flat I am not thrilled with that but all the new features available will get me to do the upgrade from Mavericks once I see it in real life and just don't hate the UI.

I just love how people hate Apple because it is the leader. Some people just have to be anti whatever is #1. I use to do the same thing with MS.

Not disappointing to me at all. They sell an experience like no other ;-), and they are the market leader in that. But they are not rushing it. And if they run into a brick wall, they have the courage to simply restart from scratch. I like that very much.

Love the look! Now if only some of icons (like Safari) could port over to iOS ;-)
Also I pretty much got everything on my wish list with Yosemite so I'm a happy camper!

Sent from the iMore App

Will Yosemite Instant Hotspot enable my MBP to bypass my carrier's (AT&T) hotspot fee and access the web through my iPhone 4G connection?

I love the new look! It's refreshing. I love the new Spotlight - it looks like Alfred now though I doubt it can compete with the latter's flexibility.