Apple announces September 9 special event and iMore will be there!

Apple has sent out invitations for a special event taking place on September 9, 2014. This is widely expected to be the unveiling of the iPhone 6. The invitation consists of a simple white background with a partial Apple logo, with the date of the event and the mysterious phrase "We wish we could say more".

In addition to the iPhone 6, it's been reported that Apple's long-rumored iWatch will make its debut at the event.

iMore will be there, covering the event live, so be sure to keep it locked here on September 9.

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Reader comments

Apple announces September 9 special event and iMore will be there!


FINALLY - I could almost shed a tear. iOS 8 is on the way along with a slew of other things. Can't wait to change my keyboard. Hmmm I wonder if swift key will be free.

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Why not? When I bought office for Mac, I didn't say "I should get the windows version for boot camp free"

(I know, the office 365 subscription service allows that, but you get my point)

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You do know it takes money for Swiftkey to convert an Android app to an iOS app, right? Are you not able to throw four more bucks to the hard working developers?

what about the development costs and time and energy put into reworking it for a completely different OS you wouldn't demand a game for free just because you brought when you used to have it on your old windows pc and now you have a mac

Or could it be "Wish we could say (there was) 'more'." As in, we wish were were announcing more, but there's not going to be what everyone thinks there's going to be. i.e. Phablet iphone, iWatch. Delays in iWatch production and displays for the larger iphone have been a thing lately. Just saying. Don't get your hopes up. People "see" what they want to see.

No way Apple would say that with that meaning behind it. Plus you have no idea if Apple is having production issues. All we have are rumors and speculation.

There's not going to be a watch... I don't care what the rumor sites say; they're as wrong now as they have been for the last six years it's been "coming at the next event"...

invitations usually have more to them than this i think that the extremely minimalistic approach and the fact that is says 'wish we could say more' means that there multiple product headlining (possibly one more thing) in this event

Hahaha I appreciate your enthusiasm. Honestly at this point I'm just happy to hear something official from Apple!

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They normally wait to send out the invites a week beforehand, almost exactly. Wonder why they sent them early this time? It could be that they wanted to keep the news cycle to themselves given that Motorola has an event for next week.

Holiday in the States on Monday? More than just Motorola with an event next week but that wouldn't stop Apple. My bet was on it coming out just before Samsung Unpacked!

Yeah but a week out from September 9th is Tuesday. Perhaps because they are inviting more people than is usual (the Flint Center is bigger than their normal Fall space) maybe they're giving the press extra time?

re: "Wonder why they sent them early this time?" ...

The bigger venue is because they are inviting more media than usual, possibly different media than previously. The two week leeway is probably so that these people, who likely haven't been to an Apple event before, can sort themselves out in time.

This is standard practice. The bigger the thing, the more coverage you want, the more coverage, the more media in attendance, the bigger the venue and the longer the lead time to the show.

Also maybe "Wish we could say MORE" proves they want to reveal MORE products but arent ready iwatch? ipad pro?

The hint is right there..."wish we could say more." Meaning Apple is buying iMore for an undisclosed amount. Details to follow...

Great that an event is finally official - might put an end to all the reported leaks, comparisons and the like that keep showing up in my timeline. Nothing is official until it is shown on stage.

Be great if someone could make a wallpaper out of the event as has happened in the past. Might give it a shot myself.

A leak, a rumour, speculation - all guesses of sorts. Educated yes, well sourced - sometimes. Just be nice to put the rumours to bed and focus on the reality.

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Super Excited for this, its way out of my price range $800 but at least the iPhone 5c Will be cheaper over the december holidays. :D

Two upside 9's in the date of the announcement would be two right side up 6's as in two versions of the iPhone 6. "Wish We Could Say More" could mean like others are saying, more than one iPhone.

On another site there was a post in the comment section comparing the leaf to a sundial. What do you think? Watch reference or not?

Finally *whew* an official confirmation of the rumour- I really do wish y'all could say more- what to look forward to- iPhone 6, iOS 8 iwatch, osx Yosemite *sigh* need I say more

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I think the media event invite is pretty clear. Remember Apple ALWAYS keeps things simple. This is what you should read into the wording of the invite... "Wish we could say more." It is very clear the iPhone 6 (or whatever Apple calls it) will be introduced (no brainer) But, the tag line "Wish we could say MORE." means they have something "more" than just the iPhone to announce. It could be the "iWatch" and/or new Apple TV. But my guess is the iWatch (or whatever they call it) I just hope Apple does not become victim to over hyping this event and then there is not much announced so it is a let down. I wish Apple would try and keep product leaks from happening. Remember, the Steve Jobs days when an Apple media event was scheduled and people didn't know what was going to be announced... A cure for cancer? We have made contact with other worlds? A new Mac? An iPhone, iPod. etc. etc. I love the excitement regardless however. Can't wait!!! :)

Was there a time sent with the invite? Is it the normal 10:00 am Pacific?

So I can take an extra long lunch break?

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The standard launch cycle will be likely followed, which means the Tuesday announcement will be followed by an on-sale release date 10 days later - which means Friday September 19 will be the first time you'll be able to get your mitts on it.

The sterile, white background is a reference to the medical tie ins the new wearable/will have. "Wish we could say more" is a nod to doctor-patient confidentiality. They are being cryptic while not really giving away anything we didn't already know.

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I'm afraid "Wish we could say more" means the wearable isn't ready yet and Apple wishes it could say "one more thing."

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Did anyone notice the "buy an Apple TV to watch itunes festival and get a $25 itunes gift card"? Maybe another Apple TV is coming?!?!

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My observations:

1. They left the time of the event off the invitation. "Wish we could say more". = iWatch

2. The leaf in the Apple logo and the shadow clearly resembles a sun dial. = iWatch

(if I'm reading the sun dial correctly, it indicates 10am in summer time)

Wish you can say more? Like the ¿"time"? This could just be me, but if you look smack dab in the middle of the invitation, the shadow and the leaf sorta resembles a watch face, with the shadow line sorta looking like a "second hand ticker".

"wish we can say more" = is because someone have been leaking the phone photos yearly. Apple mentioned this in the 5s keynote. In addition, Tim Cook mentioned, 'You probably have seen how the phone look like already..." Therefore it would make sense to say nothing more.