Apple announces Steve Jobs to keynote WWDC 2010

Apple today announced that Steve Jobs would be kicking off their World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC 2010) with a keynote address Monday, June 7, at 9am PT where he's widely expected to announce the iPhone HD/iPhone 4G.

They also remind us that WWDC 2010 sold out in a record 8 days, and with its decidedly iPhone OS focus this year and competitive pressures this year, we should be in for one heck of a show.

What else are we going to see, MobileMe 2.0,, Apple TV running iPhone OS, Verizon, Sprint, TV subscriptions? Give us your biggest, best, craziest predictions. It's fun time.

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Apple announces Steve Jobs to keynote WWDC 2010


i agree with copy of dev but would have to add that i would really like to see a intelliscreen like addition.

when was the last time we even got a "oh... one more thing" from an apple keynote? it's been a while, I miss those words.

(Kidding, of course, no way something like that makes it in when it was not in any betas, but I am not leaving my iPhone soon or lusting after another carrier, and that's the thing that most bugs me day to day.)

Steve Jobs will announce he is running for President and will make Android devices illegal since they are insufficient. He will also make it mandatory for all US Citizens to have an iPhone on the sole provider AT&T (who now has lifetime exclusive contract). :)

Hummmmmmm.....Let's see. We have seen the phone, seen the insides, seen the colors, know ATT can't take vacation in June, seen a lot of OS4 and a lot of what is new......Aside of the actual launch date, it will not be that big a thing. UNLESS, all the "leaks" about the "new" phones found "out in the wild" was all a hoax........And he shows us a 3GS+, and people rush out of the building to start buying up all the EVO's out there......And ATT caves AGAIN on the tethering.......and several more new functions will be available "at some point in the future"......And people will start have flash backs of 2009 when the 3GS came out with MMS at a later date, and tethering some time later in the year, and, and, and......Just can't get worked up about this anymore. Tell me when they go on sale, and I will be fine.

-Sync to Computer
-Sync to Ipad
-WiFi hotspot
-Sync to (no need for a computer)
-Car audio

can we straighten something out, real quick? is saying that the keynote will begin at 10, and you guys are saying 9. i'm more inclined to believe you guys, because they've got other info that has already been disproved.

I love how some of these Apply kiddos are actually starting to get a little threatend by Andriod devices. Face it...Android IS the future. Look at how much it has boomed over the past year or so and its only going to get bigger and bigger with time. Jobs better make the Iphone spit out gold otherwise I think Android will stay on top and only gain more ground.

I really can't wait. I sold my iPhone 3G 16GB on eBay for $425 a couple days ago and now I'm using a Blackberry BOLD and an iPod touch. Boy o boy do I miss my iPhone already. I'm happy I sold my old phone for this much but I'm miserable without it and counting down the days till WWDC and they announce my new love, the iPhone G4.

Let's not forget, AT&T has video calls, they've had the technology for a few years now. With a front-facing camera, AT&T is sure to be the only provider offering that sort of data plan any time soon, so to be able to use the device to it's fullest, consumers will want to be with AT&T. Also... with the original 5 year contract that AT&T and Apple signed in 2007, I really don't expect exclusivity to end any time soon... at least not until 2012. Although having some competition would only help consumers.

[quote]I just want the new iPhone to shut all these DROID people the hell up. I’ve got a Moto DROID, but I love my iPhone.[/quote]
LOL @ Gregg. Does this mean you want the new iPhone to shut yourself the hell up also? :lol: ;)

how come no one thinks the iphone has boomed also? didn't they have another record breaking quarter and doubled from last years quarter recently. Android by no means is a bad OS but I prefer the iphone OS and it is still booming. plus with the ipod still on fire and a new ipod touch with a camera coming out I look at the iphone OS and don't see it dying anytime soon at all. ohhh and I do hope I see a one more thing moment from steve jobs. :)

@Matt seriously? Android is on over 60 devices and they are just now climbing above iPhone? Wow thats something to boast about! An O/S that is on 60 devices beat our an O/S thats on ONE device after a year and a half! Dang Android really IS the future lmao. If you hate Apple fanboi's then go to an Android site.