Apple announces WWDC 2013 tickets to go on sale April 25, event to run June 10-14

Apple announces WWDC 2013 tickets to go on sale April 25, even to run June 10-14

Apple has announced not only the dates for WWDC 2013, but in a stark break with tradition, they've also announced when tickets will be available for purchase. From the WWDC 2013 website:

Apple Worldwide Developer Conference, June 10-14, San Francisco

Tickets go on sale worldwide on April 25 at 10 a.m. PDT

Get an in-depth look at what’s next in iOS and OS X, and learn how to take your apps to the next level. With over 100 sessions, extensive hands–on labs, and engaging events, you’ll connect with Apple engineers and fellow developers for an incredible week of inspiration.

There's a lot of extra information on the website, including eligibility, tracks, and more. So... will this make the purchasing process better, or worse? Lack of surprise vs. full on riot rush? Who's buying?

Source: Apple

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Reader comments

Apple announces WWDC 2013 tickets to go on sale April 25, event to run June 10-14


"evenT to run"*

It seems obvious now but at first viewing, I didn't know what you meant by "even to run."

I can't believe no one is pointing how amazing and different this design is. We're in for a completely overhauled iOS and OS X and it's going to be awesome.

i took the day off from work. already had a day available so decided to take it, i will be at home feeding in the apple news of the day.

Yes. That is very different. How exciting! Thinking iOS 7 will look different, and I'm sure with rumors that the new iPhones will come out with different colors. If iPods can be done, why not iPhones? Lookin' good so far.

Exciting. Though ive given up on being excited for a ui revamp.. The disappointment hurts every time.

Here’s the opportunity Apple can take with iOS7 and beyond.

Let’s use the SMS/Messaging icon as an example.

Today, when I get an iMessage, I have my iPhone set to provide me with a notification in the drop down menu, vibrate/ring, alert me in the notification tray and an icon number. This works well. But, I do not have my phone set to automatically display the message preview, as I don’t prefer that. So my solution would be to add one more piece of information to make the ‘at a glance’ part both elegant and easy to understand.

Adding a pulsating, softly-colored thin ring around the icon itself (would be customized by the user). Users can select a contact (or group of contacts) and assign a color or color pattern to each of them, for any type of communication (SMS, email, FB/Twitter…etc) and when those contacts messages arrive, and in this case via iMessage, the icon would provide a soft glow surrounding it with their assigned color/pattern…and this repeats as the user sees fit (timed, until replied, etc). Users can, at a glance, know WHO reached out to them and not worry if they missed the current notification because they can see it continue to glow around the icon. Again, there is no action from the user other than to view the screen. I don't need to 'do' anything to see it. If I am at my home screen, it's there.

The color (or colors) pulse in a user-defined manner. It’s an elegant solution and creates a beautiful visual that no one in the industry is currently doing.