Apple, AT&T paid Google millions for advertising in June

We've heard Google pays Apple millions to be the default search engine in Safari but now AdAge is reporting Apple (and AT&T) gives Google millions right back for AdWord advertising.

By comparison, one of Google's top advertisers that month, AT&T Mobile, spent more than $8 million on AdWords in June, a big month for the company, which was supporting the launch of iPhone 4. (AT&T is the third-largest U.S. advertiser, according to Ad Age DataCenter; it spent $2.8 billion on measured media -- almost $1.3 billion on TV alone -- in 2009. The company declined to comment on its search spending.) [...] Tech rival Apple spent just under $1 million on search during the month, as did chip maker Intel.

How much of that went to the keyword "Droid"?

[AdAge via MacRumors]

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Reader comments

Apple, AT&T paid Google millions for advertising in June


Why is this even a story?
Companies pay millions for advertising all of the time, and Google is the premier web advertising marketplace. Sooooo... why is this news?

Because it's a blog not CNN. And something that makes Rene go "hmmmm" probably makes a lot of his readers do the same. Don't like it? Then read the thousands of other more relevant (to you) posts.

Not much to go "hmmm" over. A million dollars is a puny amount of money. Advertising campaigns for big product launches can be in the hundreds of millions of dollars. Hell, Apple probably paid Chris Martin something close to a million dollars for showing up at the iPod/iTunes event last week. ;)

All these amounts are walkin around money for these companies. Didn't know AT&T was the second largest advertiser though, I guess I do see their commercials at least once per break on every channel.

The real story here is that companies are now forced to pay money to Google to advertise their product or service that Google is probably or already has a competing product/service for. It's brilliant. Basically racketeering.

Silly fanboy, there is no gun to Apple's head here. If Apple does not want to advertise on Google, there are plenty of other places they could spend those dollars.