Apple begins shipping new iPods for mid-October delivery. Has yours shipped yet?

Apple begins shipping new iPods for mid-October delivery

Introduced at the iPhone 5 event last month but not scheduled for released until October, Apple has just begun sending out shipping notifications for new iPod touch and iPod nano orders. Many of our readers, and yours truly, received texts and emails this morning with the details. Mine are set to arrive in here in Canada in just under a week, on Oct. 15.

The new iPod touch has the same amazing 4-inch, 16:9 in-cell display as the iPhone 5, along with an even thinner design and a new Loop wrist strap I'm really going to have try before extolling or condemning. The new iPod nano drops the previous, watch-friendly shape for a Nokia-style rectangle with a power button and rounded Home screen icons.

If you received your new iPod touch or iPod nano shipping notification, let us know when it's scheduled to arrive, or jump into out iPod touch 5 Forum and track along with us.

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Apple begins shipping new iPods for mid-October delivery. Has yours shipped yet?


Off on a slight tangent, as I was reading this article, I received the notice my ordered-Sep-14th lightning connector shipped, so there is hope for the world on that front.

Bought a lightning connector at the local Apple Store last weekend. With the EasyPay checkout feature of the Apple Store app. Amazing.