Apple may be considering a bid to purchase Hulu

Two sources familiar with the auction are reporting to Bloomberg that Apple is considering a bid to purchase the Hulu service. This isn't too hard to believe considering Apple has $76.2 billion in cash and securities.

Hulu is already a competitor to Netflix but if Apple does make an offer, this may give Netflix an even larger run for its money. Especially after Netflix's recent pricing change that recently angered a lot of its customers.

When asked, neither a Hulu or Apple representative would comment. If Apple does acquire the service, it would be interesting to see how that would affect the Netflix streaming currently offered natively for AppleTV users.

Would they simply kick Netflix out and replace it with Hulu? I can't speak for everyone but given Netflix's new pricing plans, I think I'd be okay with that...


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Reader comments

Apple may be considering a bid to purchase Hulu


Can't kick Netflix off due to anti competitive reasons , please turn the fanboyism down a tad , kicking Netflix off would not benefit us customers

I think this is a great idea! I've not been sold on Hulu Plus yet, but have been considering my options with the Netflix increase. I also think it'd be great for Apple TV, with Hulu integrated. Maybe Netflix could be there too, or available for download from an app store.

"Would they simply kick Netflix out and replace it with Hulu? I can’t speak for everyone but given Netflix’s new pricing plans, I think I’d be okay with that…"
How is that even a relevant argument? Netflix's change primarily affects DVD subscriptions. Most people will still keep the streaming service -- which is what we use on AppleTV. Booting a good service, which also happens to be one of the big draws for AppleTV would NOT be good.

For 18 bucks I could have Hulu AMD Netflix together on an Apple TV? I'd live with that. Who needs cable? And with my VPN ish service from Canada, and I can get it all! :D