Apple buys Polar Rose face-recognition company

Apple has once again opened that $40+ billion bank account and, according to reports, purchased Swedish face-recognition company, Polar Rose.

The Malmö-based company specializes in developing technology which makes facial recognition, not unlike what Apple already has and uses iPhoto for Mac OS X. Through sophisticated algorithms, manages the software of the Arctic Rose to recognize faces in images and the company offers three different products using this solution. Two of the (Face Cloud and FaceLib) them seem to be very interesting for Apple.

Likely yet another talent and technology acquisition, will this simply be used to bolster the existing iPhoto/Aperture Faces feature, or could Apple have grander plans for facial recognition? They do have iSight on Mac and front-facing cameras on iPhone and iPod touch, and likely iPad as well soon.

[Mac1 via 9to5Mac, additional video via MacRumors]

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Reader comments

Apple buys Polar Rose face-recognition company


It would be cute if you could log into your pc with facial recognition, no more passwords, even better use it with browsers too.

That totally Kicks Butt!!!
A quick check on Polar Rose's website and it states that their free face-tagging service is closed and they are now focussing on licensing. No doubt! The commercial application potential is huge.
There is an iPhone app called Face Match but I believe it will only search through photos you've already taken or loaded on your Facebook page.

@Kick Butt - that could be the more important part of this. I have no doubt Apple could engineer anything on their own, this only speeds the process. It does keep the competition from using it. Pretty soon iPhone will be the new business standard w/FaceTime. They just need ConferenceTime!

@dion comment made my day lol ,browsers hhh
and i see how they could use this to finally change the lockscreen in the iphone
i mean ya sliding was awesome 4 years ago but now ,,whats next ???

If companies implemented face recognition for security protocols, I would merely slice the person's face off that I need for security clearance and use that. Either that or decapitate them without any blood whatsoever because I'm talented like that.