Apple Slimming Down AC Adapter Recall Packaging?

When Apple began their recall program for the iPhone 3G AC adapters, some noted that the massive packaging the new adapters were sent in seemed to be running in stark opposition to Apple's newly stated "greener" goals.

Ginormous would be one word for them. Wasteful, another.

Could things have changed however? While we received three of the huge boxes only a couple of weeks ago, this week we received two much smaller padded envelopes instead. Did Apple and/or their shipping company respond to the concerns, or just realize how insane the previous packaging was?

Anybody else getting the newer, slimmed-down packaging? Anyone still getting the huge boxes?

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Rene Ritchie

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Reader comments

Apple Slimming Down AC Adapter Recall Packaging?


Wow, I can't believe that Apple would send chargers in the those huge packages... Thank God Apple has slimmed down that huge and wasteful packaging.

Did anyone not send their old chargers back? I was so pissed at having to track down the DHL guy to get the thing (because I missed the first and would have missed the 2nd delivery) that I didn't bother mailing the old one back. I don't see why they need it anyways.

My DHL guy was cool. When he came to the door he offered to open the box for me and swap the chargers right there so I wouldn't have to deal with mailing the old one back.

@Sanchez. Better make contact a/Apple about not returning the old adaptor. They will charge you $27+ if you don't return it or get their okay not to.

I received mine in a small package as well. It showed up within 24 hours of filling out the form. I had no idea who delivered it and when I called Apple to see which carrier to use to send it back they told me not to even bother.

The boxes used were the same ones they use to ship the iphone back for service. Since you had to return your old charger, Apple got all the boxes back and could then use them again. It is actually not wastefull at all.

Yes, a large and reusable box or a smaller and disposable padded envelope. Yah, way greener guys. I think Apple had the right idea first off.

I called apple too and they said that the adaptor does not need to be returned! Think about it, how can they charge you when they don't have any billing information.

I got my replacement in the softpack envelope like a month ago or whenever they started sending them out. I live in Japan though, so maybe they wanted to save on shipping :P

THis bit about adaptor box size is indictative of not havinig anything better to talk about or, in other words trivia at its best. The "large" boxes are recycable so what's the beef?
Find somoething of substance to report! You are wasting ink!

Two things - I chose not to return mine anticipating this issue. Second, I sent an email after seeing the packaging complaining about the waste. Maybe they are listening...

The padded envelope is how I got my 1998 WallStreet PowerBook G3 power adaptor recall replacement (slim-line tiny black brick to giganto yo-yo adaptor) (which arrived the day after I filled out the online form). So, I'm sure how "new" the padded envelope is.

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