Apple Has Chosen Foxconn to Manufacture iTablet/iNetbook?

Commercial Times (via Inquirer/MacRumors) is saying Taiwan's Foxconn -- which manufacturers the iPhone -- is set to do similar for Apple's rumored... iSomething..

iTablet and iNetbook chatter has been growing almost faster than any other Apple rumor lately. While we have no reason to believe Apple will join the race-to-the-bottom, razor-thin netbook market proper, strings in iPhone 3.0 firmware revealing an iProduct to make us think something is coming. Eventually.

Meanwhile, Software Advice has posted up a nice summary of why such a device, especially if it's an iTablet, would be a compelling offering for verticals like healthcare.

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Reader comments

Apple Has Chosen Foxconn to Manufacture iTablet/iNetbook?


I don't know what to think with this one. It could be cool, but for me it would have to be a "real" notebook, running OSX, not just a big iPhone in notebook clothing, which is what some sites seem to suggest.
I guess only time will tell if there is any substance to these rumors.

I hope these rumors are true. If the iTablet/iNetbook really takes off, why would you want a Kindle? I'd just put my books on this device and go.

An iTablet if implemented correctly, might make me jump from my Windows laptop to my first MAC machine in 10 years. Yikes. I never thought i'd say that. But I do love my iPhone. and if i could touch and use my laptop in the same way I'd be stoked.

I help maintain the network for a small physician practice, and while as a geek I would love to see these devices in use, the article seriously underestimates the uphill battle any such device, much less an OSX-based device, has to wage to make inroads into healthcare. What EMR/billing that exists is heavily Windows-based, and specialty devices (those without their own OS, of course) are almost exclusively Windows-based. Windows or Mac, HIPAA regulations as well business and cultural factors (mainly involving older docs) are going to surprise many who try to create an "ultimate" EMR device.
That said, I hope somebody still takes the plunge, if only to give me a business excuse to buy one :D

I also think it would need to run Mac OSX. A big screen iPhone, would just be rather pointless in opinion - it's benefit right now is that it's in your pocket 24/7; a 10" device will need a seperate bag, meaning it's competing with a proper laptop.

I don't think it would need to run the current desktop/notebook OSX, but I also don't think it could just be a big iPod Touch.
IMO, a 10" capacitative touchscreen device would in real life require extensive UI optimizations. That's why I imagine it's taking so long to get this product out; it would be the largest capacitative touchscreen device ever made. As such, it would make sense to require all new optimized software, and it would be smart to plug it into the App store for software distribution.
But, at the same time, it has to have a desktop class browser with associated abilities, I think. People who have an iPhone or iPod Touch don't need a larger iPhone or iPod Touch that does and doesn't do exactly the same things; they need a full browser with Flash support, full online document support, and all that crap. And people who use a notebook won't go for a massive 10" PMP that doesn't have all that stuff. For the same reasons, I think it has to have a hardware keyboard option (like a dock or whatever, as pictured in the render).
This iProduct has to end up sitting precisely between the MacBook and the iPhone/iPod Touch, IMO, in order not to compete with either while still being desirable to anyone who already owns both or either. If you need real OSX, you go with a MacBook product. If you need real portability, you go with an iPhone/Touch. If you need netbook capability with optimized games, apps, etc., you go with the iProduct/iTablet thingie. That's the way I see it going down, at least.

I'd say with all these rumors floating around, one of them is bound to be right! I think that there is a chance that they'll come out with something similar to this in the near future.

I think that this net tablet could be used as a carputer. Most people that install computers in there car use between a 7-10 to screen monitor to interact with the computer and this thing would almost eliminate the need to mount the actual computer in th trunk or glove box. Not to mention the running of all the wires also.