Apple Ending Clickwheel iPod Games?


Could Apple be ending the old-school clickwheel iPod games? Perhaps, according to a comment by developer Square Enix:

the iPhone Song Summoner contains both Song Summoner and Song Summoner 2, which was never released due to Apple ending support for click wheel games.

No doubt iPhone and iPod touch gaming has become a juggernaut, and the traditional iPod nano and iPod classic are slowly winding down in popularity. But is this the first portent of Apple going all-in with the iPhone OS platform?

[Joystiq via 9to5mac]

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Rene Ritchie

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Reader comments

Apple Ending Clickwheel iPod Games?


The clickwheel iPod sega one if Apples highlights! Abolishing them would be like taking away a babys bottle or a chefs taste or a stoners pot or any other analogies! Agh!

Apple does this sort of thing on a regular basis. They screw their customers.
They say "You'll still love us, so we'll keep slapping you". And the customers say "But deep down inside, they love us, and I know that they will change someday. In the meantime, throw us a scrap - cut 'n' paste, a crust of bread, anything!"

I have an iPhone 3GS and a 80GB iPod classic and strongly prefer in iPod classic when listening to music (which I do a lot). Unclocking th iPhone to change songs is for some reason too much trouble than using physical buttons.

On my 3gs I just double click the home button while locked and up pop the iPod controls!
Limited I know but still can select next song, previous, play or pause!

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