Interested in how Apple is advertising iAds to advertisers? Well they've got a brand new highlight video up on that'll give you a good idea. The emotion of TV. The interactivity of digital. The power of Mobility. Indeed.

We only have two questions. Was it made with iMovie 11's trailer feature, and is it enough to get Mad Men-types to buy buys in hopes of attracting buyers?

[ via SAI]

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Rene Ritchie

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First, LOL! That is a great question, "Was it made with iMovie 11's trailer feature." But yes I love Apples advertising because its so advanced and techie. I look at it like this, the high quality of all there products show in there marketing. The clean crisp look of everything they do attracts me to them and the way they advertise makes people want to buy from them even if they don't need to. Apple has the Tech world locked in right now.

Whats going on Rene Ritchie? The live iPad streaming was awesome the other day. I think I missed the iPhone Live Wed. but I thought you said it was going to be delayed a week. So hopefully I didn't miss it. But I do agree with PhillyComputerSpot that Apples marketing is great.
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OMG! Was that a video on iAd or HD Videos on iPhone. That actually makes putting up with iAds on Apps worth having. I'm in the middle of working on an App and I am going to use iAds on it so yeah I like it but I'm not sure if I will pay for other App developers to advertise for me. Either way its a win win for Apple.

I like iAds. I really do. I love how you can interact w/them and at the end of it all, you can just hit the "x" and bam. It's closed and you're back to doing what you wanted to do. I click on the Ads to. 1. See what creative interactive video/presentation is being advertised and 2. Just to help the developer out for using iAds.