Apple doubles up on Sony camera parts; Is a better front facing camera on its way?

Apple doubles up on Sony camera parts; Is a better front facing camera on its way?

It appears that Apple is preparing to double the number of camera components that it orders from Sony. The two companies are said to currently be in talks over the potential order, and Sony recently purchased a factory to boost production. Sony already supplies the sensors for the iPhone's rear-facing camera, while the parts for the front-side FaceTime camera come from multiple sources. Apple may be looking to change that for upcoming devices, however, according to the Nikkei Asian Review:

The Japanese firm already supplies nearly all of the CMOS (complementary metal-oxide semiconductor) sensors for the current iPhone models' rear-mounted main cameras. Apple is likely looking to switch to Sony sensors for the secondary camera on the screen side, used for taking self-portraits.

Do you think Sony's sensors will be better for the iPhone's FaceTime camera? Let us know below in the comments.

Source: Nikkei Asian Review

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Reader comments

Apple doubles up on Sony camera parts; Is a better front facing camera on its way?


It's should be a great welcome. Improvements are always great and Sony make great products.

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I find it funny how Sony makes all those components and
, the iPhone camera absolutely smokes it.

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I forget, it's the software used to process that data from the picture. Japs and software really don't mix.

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Since you seem to be the expert, who then mixes with software? Do you have a nationaliy-by-nationality listing that one might perhaps consult?

Not long ago, when it was all about hardware, Japs were the best (cars, everything Sony, everything related with electronics ). Nowadays they are totally irrelevant. Koreans are dominating on everything related with electronics, Sony is a corpse, Kia is rising, and the Americans dominate in software.

The z1 has bigger sensors than the iPhone camera (that is also a sony) but the fact is that the iPhone takes better pics, the ipod killed the Walkman, Sony can't sell vaios, etc.

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If they are in deed doubling the order, i bet it's because there will be two sized iphones, the phablet size and the cell phone size. They will need too make equal parts of both said phones so that makes camera parts double in production

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What's wrong with the camera right now? They have the best Front camera... Others can call it 10mpx ot 20mpx, but in fact it looks like 0,3mpx....

No the front camera on iPhones is far from the best.. They are talking about the front camera not the rear one...

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