Apple education promo: get a free iPod touch

Free 8GB iPod touch during Apple education promo

Apple is once again offering an educational promotion where qualified collegiate buyers can get their hands on a new iPod touch for free:

Whether it's for a first year or a current university student, the faster, more powerful Mac is the ultimate computer for school. And now it includes something extra special. When university students buy a qualifying Mac, they'll get a free 8GB iPod touch. And they'll save even more with Apple education pricing. This offer is for a limited time and is available only at the Apple Online Store, Apple Retail Stores, and Apple Authorized Campus Stores.

Yeah, the 8GB which is basically a 2nd generation model. But hey, free is free. Anyone taking them up on it?

[Apple online store]

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Reader comments

Apple education promo: get a free iPod touch


I hate when they do these adds. I just bought a mac for school and they diddnt have it then. But now that school is out there doing it. Rubbish

That's how I got my MacBook Pro! I already had an iPhone, so I gave the iPod Touch to my sister.
I love my MacBook!

I remember a year and a bit ago I brought an MacBook (my first mac!) with my education discount and I was able to get an iPod Nano 4G for only $20 which wasn't bad. They have made the offer now but I would give it (ipod touch) away to a family member or something because i've already got my iPhone.

I would think you'd get better grades and higher grades if you didn't start a sentence with a conjunction. Or is beginning a sentence with 'And' acceptable in US tertiary institutes?

I'll be buying my MacBook pro before college starts in august, and since I already have my iPhone, and will be getting the 4th gen iPhone to replace my 3G, I'll be selling the iPod for an easy $200. =]

Despite what some English teachers may say, it has been quite acceptable to start sentences with "and" and also "but" as a literary device. The US picked that up from its Anglo-Saxon brothers across the pond, who have been doing that for a very long time. I do not know if starting a sentence with "or" is equally traditional.

I bought mine at Best Buy. They price matched the discount but no free iPod. Thats okay. I like their protection plan better, but a new iPod would be nice.

My use of 'or' was facetious. But maybe that type of humour was something you didn't pick up from your Anglo-Saxon brothers across the pond. I'll try some slapstick for you next time :)