Apple Event on Sept 9th Confirmed


Engadget confirms it, Apple is going to be giving us the new hotness on September 9th. All signs point to new iPod Nanos, but many are hoping that we'll see a revision of iTunes with new features, from iTunes Unlimited to something a bit more scaled back. Others (me) are hoping for the 2.1 update with background notifications and another killer app: stability.

'Course, there's a Magic 8-Ball vs. Analyst riding on this one, and so far the 8-Ball appears to not be holding up too well -- only time will tell for sure, though.

What are you hoping for next week?

Dieter Bohn

Dieter Bohn is former editor-in-chief of Smartphone Experts, writing across iMore, Windows Phone Central, Android Central, and more. You can find him on Twitter (and everywhere else) @backlon.

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mrHiDefinition says:

Yes! Now all Apple has to do is deliver some new products or make interesting and compelling changes to their current line-up. I'm excited...

Rene Ritchie says:

it's early still. 8-ball will hit 50+%, fo sho.
I wants 2.1, MacBooks TNG, and something surprising...

MPKU says:

2.1, of course. I also am interested to see how they refreshed the entire iPod line.

Stephman says:

I want a TRUE turn by turn, words coming out the iPhones mouf, GPS application for my supposedly 1 phone to rule them all phone. What did that report just say? There's over 6 million iphone 3G's out there. Sounds like 6 million unsafe drivers!
iPhone 3G, I hate the name so much that I turn 3G off so all I have is an iPhone. That's right, I'm one of the 2% affected by no 3G service even though the area I'm in has full bars of 3G.
You suck musty, fly infested donkey balls crApple!
Ya, I like the phone sometimes, but I'm PISSED right now...can't you tell ;)

coop says:
  • Better reception on the iPhone (3G and Edge)
  • Speakerphone that works (it's almost totally useless now)
  • Allow other developers apps to work in the background
  • Copy and paste - seriously, how many minutes would it take to add that?
  • Allow any apps to be installed
  • or failing that, ensure that better apps are available on the app store. (how about some QA, apple?!)
  • Turn by Turn directions
  • Voice recorer app that works, and makes files that can be transferred to the host computer
coop says:

Oh yeah, add:
- a real bluetooth stack that does more than control the phone functions (stereo audio, anyone?)

  • PDF reader from Adobe (Like Apple and Adobe have never worked together before - even Palm can get one to work)
  • Flash in the Safari browser
  • RealPlayer or MediaPlayer for streaming audio (not everyone provides QT streams)
Andrew says:

I would love to see a new version of itunes. I love my nano and wouldnt switch to another brand of MP3 player for anytthing but man, itunes is brutal.

maxwellsteel says:

Hey Apple
My vote is for Copy and Paste

Rene Ritchie says:

Special Edition Yellow Submarine iPhone preloaded with... The Beatles!
(TM Merlin Mann...)

WatersWest says:

This is a small thing, but I would like to use custom ringtones not only for incoming phone calls, but also for e-mail and/or SMS alerts. When I try to change these notification tones, my custom ringtones are not an option. Even my old WinMo device did that!

jeff says:

Full mms and safari flash

Alsi says:

MMS and Flash would do me just nicely! Cut and paste would be occasionally useful. A fix for the 3G 302 error would rock!

anothernumber says:

The current apps are not that great. Cut and paste would good but flash would be better....I reviewed it slighty here...

:D says:

i hope they lower the price for the ipod touch and put speakers on it that ACTUALLY play music.

bigfoot says:

jeff Says:
September 3rd, 2008 at 4:24 am
Full mms and safari flash
I agree jeff. Hopefully turn by turn GPS and cut and paste as well. I might be asking for to much but dam... other phones can do it why can't our iPhones.