Apple field testing CDMA/Verizon iPhone, iPad 2?


Boy Genius has a source that informed him both the CDMA/Verizon iPhone 4 (code named N92AP) and iPad 2 may be heading into field verification testing:

Way down deep within iOS 4 is a pretty intriguing block of code. Our source says that the code queries the device, and if the device is either a CDMA iPhone or iPad 2, the device will auto-activate, thus bypassing the need for iTunes. We’re told this block of code has appeared every year consecutively before a major iPhone / device release, removed right before launch. This allows the products to be field tested by carriers (or partners) without having to activate the handsets or devices.

BG also says the upcoming iPod touch 4 is code-named N81AP. We should see that this fall at Apple's annual special music event for iPod/iTunes. iPad 2 should be announced early next year, and rumor has it the CDMA/Verizon iPhone might hit during the same period.

Anyone starting to believe that yet?


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Reader comments

Apple field testing CDMA/Verizon iPhone, iPad 2?


This is the same site that said Epic 4g was launching and sales starting August 11th.......

It shocks me someone tell me why people love verizon because i know i live in jax fl so my 3g coverage is very rarely less than full bars but you can make a call and use data so i look up stuff all the time for my friends while iam on the phone with them and with verizon u cant do this so why do people love it someone explain

I would like to see the integrity of verizon's network when they do get the iPhone. I say let Verizon get the iPhone, it will free up more bandwidth and towers for those of us that stay with AT&T. And it's only going to get better.

I sure hope this time its real, I have no plans to leave AT&T, but it would be great to have some price competition aimed square at Ma Bell

Yep, I started to believe when Engadget ran the article about Verizon's CEO being added to the 2011 CES keynote.
And yes for the record, I can't wait until Verizon gets it! Free our radio waves here on AT&T.

Keep an eye out in central California bars for a test unit out in the wild... especially since a market value precedent has been set!

@SJobs I agree with you. I have no hatred for AT&T so if verizon gets the iPhone it will open bandwidth and towers for us who stay!

I live in a marginal coverage area for AT&T. My 3GS couldn't hold a call long enough for me to tell the caller to text me. An iPhone 4 on a network that has the coverage I need is an exciting story. Am I the only one who thinks so?

@MattFresh you can't do it on Verizon cuz thez don't haz ze iPhone. But when they do do, then y'all will be able to.
@everyone else - ffs let's hope this is true, the iPhone is ridiculously expensive in the states. I pay on average $35 a month for mine and never more than $60 (only if I was abroad and used it a bit). I know Sweden is cheaper than most countries, but still.

I'm holding off, I think, on getting an Android phone on Verizon because given a choice, I'd rather have an iPhone on Verizon than anything!!!

@JohnnyBravo. Not true. Its up to the carrier to support data and phone at the same time, followed by the phone. Most likely its software/firmware thats installed at the towers or servers that control the signal. Verizon will have to upgrade to get it working (if they havent already). Then again, they may never do it, leaving a huge advantage to ATT (GOOD).
As far as them testing a CDMA phone, Im sure they have been testing every radio band for awhile now, but these rumors don't mean a Verizon iphone is coming for sure. Besides, ATT has other advantages they can use to keep people if the fold if the iPhone ever goes to other carriers... such as faster data speeds, better reception, better service... etc.

The reason Verizon doesnt have web browsing/calls at the same time is a limitation of CDMA. When a call is made, data connections are killed. Only exception to this is Wifi in some cases but not all. Only GSM (and LTE in the future) allow for simultaneous data/voice usage. Its not firmware, towers or anything else.

MattyFresh, a 3G/CDMA version..probably not unless connected via Wifi. However if a new iphone or ipad on Verizon ends up being LTE then yes that should be possible. I know Sprint has a 4G phone out and when you use 4G for data you can talk at the same time.

Touch, and iPad for sure. Everybody knew that was coming. Verizon iPhone? See is believing to quote many in here.

A smartphone on the VZ network can't walk and chew gum at the same time. And let's not forget that (at least during the dacade+ I was on VZ), the charged extra for everything. Like every VZ BlackBerry I had came with WiFi DISABLED unless you ponied up additional monthlies.
Yep, that grass over there sure is greener.

Boy genius makes up BS, there are some networks that host the iPhone that don't need iTunes to activate.

I definitely hate Verizon. Poor customer service, ridiculous pricing, smug attitude, Nazi commercials, ugly Android phones, payment kiosks that never work, and their frakkin' logo over everything. Please never let AT&T stop selling iPhones.

Why would you want a phone that allows you to talk and send/receive data on a network that doesn't allow you to talk and send/receive data? Just asking.

Wow, am I disappointed! I was certain that these comments would be like an episode of Squidbillies. The best that you guys could muster was the tired old Book of GSM Chapter 12 Verse 1, "And the CDMA could not comprehend simultaneous voice and data. So the great network providers gave us GSM. The people rejoiced and were rewarded with iPhones to show all of their friends."
Seriously, Voice is Data. Doing one means doing both. You are exactly the type of consumer suckers who will buy a bill of goods from a lying corporation. "Hi this is (insert actors name here)and since Verizon invented Supermega Friendly Commo version 5 I took the plunge and now I'm a lot cooler. You should all purchase Supermega Friendly Commo version 5 and be cool like me. Just look I can talk, surf, pat my head, and rub my tummy all at the same time."

@Mac Well duh voice is data, but can you send/receive double data? E.g. Talk and surf the web simultaneously on verizon?

Am I the only one confused about this particular post? I'm looking through the code sample, and it is obviously relative to the skipping of activation, but there appears to be nothing at all to do with CDMA vs. GSM. I see different device ID numbers, but that doesn't necessarily mean anything about the cellular technology. Or perhaps my code reading abilities are a bit out of practice and I'm missing something obvious. Then again, this appears to be assembly code, and that's never been clear at all...

Look at the dialer interface on any smartphone and tell me some more about the transmission system that is being used. I get so turned around wondering how the session is initiated, where the modulation takes place, and how long the list of protocols is that I start wishing for simple TCP/IP packets. Catch my drift? Voice is data. Verizon won't call it voip because they will have to solve the issue of emergency services being able to locate any potential 911 callers. However, there is definite profit to be found in doing so because of the simultaneous phone call/web surfing potential. I am guessing that Verizon has the solution already. Further speculation would lead me to believe that Verizon would limit the solution to future smartphone platforms that have shown a tremendous propensity to hog bandwidth due to sheer mass of subscribers. Supposing, of course, that I have hit the crackpipe a little too hard on this one, let's just say that Verizon can see a stronger business case in a non-simultaneous voice/data iPhone than the business case of no iPhone at all.,,and the last possible scenario, of course, is that some other international CDMA carrier is the one who is truly slated to receive this fabled CDMA iPhone. Doesn't China have a big CDMA carrier? Anywho, this very dilemma is why I only intend to keep one iOS device in the family and that is my wife's iPad WiFi. It's cute, sometimes useful, but not worth switching our cellular based carrier especially with 4G waps finally coming to America.

Can someone tell me if it's still possible to jailbreak iPhone 4 running 4.0.2?! I know we can't with the jailbreakme website but want to know if there's another way.

i hope verizon does get it so that it will take some of the stress off atts network. i for one will not switch, i have better service with att in my area then i did with verizon..and we wont even start with verizons customer service...
if the iphone does come to verizon i just hope apple doesnt let them put the logo on the phone. it wouldnt look right

Verizon getting an Iphone would be great for all the users who are looking forward to it.
You know iPhone sells so better because it’s the only smartphone that is as powerful as a Mac and as easy to use as an iPod. Period. I like iPhone 4, it's so fatastic and got top 4 tempting features, HD Video Recording and lovely pictures, what's more, the Retina display, and the remarkable 960x640 resolution screen make my movie watching experience unbelievably sharp and crisp in the help of iFunia iPhone video converter.

@Mac I don't see verizon changing the way CDMA has worked forever for one phone, even the holy iPhone. Either they're going to settle with the current CDMA restrictions or they're not getting one at all. Especially with other technology right around the corner, as you noted.
I'm pretty sure that was the point of you post, hard to tell though.

@dissent27 So it won't be coming out until LTE network is coast to coast? I don't see them launching a phone for only 30 select cities.

The iPhone doesn't give you the ability to use voice and data at the same time, AT&T does. Verizon simply can't do that. I personally can't wait until Verizon gets the iPhone. AT&T is just pure crap here in the Baltimore/DC area. I constantly drop phone calls. On the plus I did get my bumper in the mail today and I haven't dropped a call all day at home. We'll see how well this keeps up with work tomorrow.

Go onto the Better Business Bureau. You can search the company and see if they've had problems in the past.