Apple hires Adobe exec Todd Teresi to oversee iAd program

Apple hires Adobe exec Todd Teresi to oversee iAd program

Adam Satariano from Bloomberg tweeted that Apple has hired away Todd Teresi from Adobe to lead their iAd program.

Apple has hired Adobe's Todd Teresi to head iAd. Story coming....

Bloomberg hasn't released any details just yet, but this move could likely be seen as a competitive jab by Adobe. Teresi acted as VP of Adobe's Media Solutions division, and hiring him away from Adobe could be interpreted as another shot across their bow which, ultimately, lead to Adobe conceding and abandoning Flash for mobile devices.

On the other hand, iAd hasn't necessarily gained the traction Apple had hoped for, and the recent loss of Andy Miller probably didn't help much either. This could just be Apple trying to pivot in an attempt to help bolster the fumbled initiative.

Source: @satariano

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Apple hires Adobe exec Todd Teresi to oversee iAd program


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