Apple holding special event September 1, 2010

Apple holding special event September 1, 2010

Apple has just started sending out invitations for a special event -- it's annual special music event typically involving iTunes and iPads -- on September 1, 2010.

A new iPod touch 4 (with FaceTime and Retina Display?) is a given, as is iOS 4.1 -- perhaps with some new, previously unseen features? -- and maybe new versions of Apple TV/iTV (for $99 running iOS and TV rentals?), iTunes (with some cloud streaming services?), and iLife (with an HTML5 content creation app?)? What about iOS 4.x for iPad and news on white iPhones?!

What does the Apple-fied guitar above say to you? Start the predictions below!


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Rene Ritchie

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Apple holding special event September 1, 2010


well I'm excited for whatever may come, my 1st gen iPod touch as seen better days so pretty much any update to me is a good one.

@Ian Speer-
Please tell me you're joking. Do people even use that program?
To be honest, though, Garage Band was the very first thing that popped to mind for me, too.

Awesome! It's only a week ago and I'm sure any self-respecting Apple blog will be there. Can we excext a liveblog from TiPb?!? I sure do hope that if they announce a new Apple/iTV that my recently purchased one still works with it ie, I can put iOS on it. It would be kind of annoying to have it totally outdated in only a couple of months.
I realize that Apple oftentimes randomly updates products and that is the risk you take when buying one, but some support is to be expected. For example the 3GS does not do everything the 4 does, but it got alot of the features. Here's to hoping!
The only technical problem I could foresee with trying to put Cupertino's latest on my Apple TV would be that the HHD in it is too slow. Does anyone know about the RAM and processor? Anyone else get an Apple TV and anxious about it being outdated?
@Mr. Ritchie - Apple released the first-gen iPad this year so they cannot have discussed it in years past.

I really hope that the event shows off software 4.1 & multitasking for iPad. I been holding off getting one because I know they are releasing it this fall. I'd be surprised if they didn't. All in all, they won't disappoint. I just know it. I love Apple! :)

@smitty. I personally use garage band all the time, and I mean allllll the time. if there was a iPad/iPhone version I'd never even open my laptop.

Apple stuns the music industry with new analog iPod with tiny vacuum tubes and internal magnetic tape deck, 1/4 inch headphone jack, hardware switches, and a big rotating volume knob.

Please, iOS 4 for iPad. Multitasking will make the iPad tremendously more useful. I don't understand why it hasn't been released already.

Apple is introducing their own iPorn program for FaceTime & iBand, buy your own apple music gear & it syncs w all your apple products

@ UntidyGuy
hahaha, did tipb censer k n o b ? thats hilarious!
on another note, all i care about is a proximity sensor fix, which i assume isn't coming.

The picture tells me Apple's going the other way in terms of iPod sizes and is coming out with an iGuitar that also acts as an iPod. You'll have to strum out which tracks you want to play. C for back a track, D for forward. E# for fast forward. The faster you strum, the faster it goes.
What? No? Hey, it could happen!

Please include a fix for the iP4 proximity sensor and death touch. Unbelievable that it has already been a problem for so many for so long.

How about iLife for ipad? Maybe an iOS 4.x update that makes it more on the computer side of things than the smartphone side?

I'm predicting that this will be a relatively minor announcement in relation to what we already know to expect: new Touch, possibly Garage Band for iOS, probably not a streaming music service (there's just too much resistance from the recording industry, which would rather pit different music services against each other than give over so many features to Apple). Apple may make a big deal about the iPad iOS update, if they can claim that many more hi-res apps are going to be compatible between the iPhone 4 and the iPad, which has been lacking in app development relative to the iPhone 4. I think it's definitely too early for iTV, personally. We haven't seen a single leaked photograph yet, which these days is de rigueur for an Apple product update. I expect that we'll see an iTV announcement at the same time that they announce the 2nd generation iPad, with some indication as to how iTV and iPad will interact.

The proximity sensor is still my biggest much so that I went out and bought a Bluetooth just to make calls. Just fix that and color me happy.

@ kschucks
R u an idiot?! Apple is not going to overhaul the notification system for a .x upgrade to the OS not to mention without beta testing for developers.

Wasn't there talk about a meeting on September 7'th or something? Did they move it up, or are they having that one as well?

Can anyone tell me if OS4.1 improves Bluetooth AVRCP, will the volume of my Bluetooth headset increase and the sound quality improve? I have a pair of Sony Ericsson HBH-IS800 stereo BT headphones and they sounded much better when I tried them in the store with a Sony phone (that was before OS4.1 when the volume was 100% on the iPhone and could not be changed and made them unwearable). Right now, I can use the Sony Ericsson's, but volume is still kind of quiet at 100% and sound quality is pretty bad. Thanks in advance.

I'm just looking forward to seeing the keynote speech. Anyone know where we can stream it live? Kinda getting interested in the itv. I've got a lot of vids on iTunes that would be cool to watch on a full screen.

My guess is its an annoucment of a 7 inch ipad with a forward facing camera to copy the samsung galaxy tab annoucment ironically on sept 2nd. Im sure it will be called magical and revolutionary even though he just out right stole the idea from samsung. Apple fans will say how nothing else does it, and everyone else is copying.

I hope theres something about the white iPhone i cant wait any longer! Just a release date will make me happy! PLEASE!

Woo Who!!! Guitar hero on the Ipad with a neck and strap attachment for Keytar mode. Every buddy wang chung tonight!!

Maybe their making an IGuitar? hehe.. I'm kidding. I just can't wait to buy myself the new Ipod Touch 4G! I've been saving half my allowance for 6 months now just to buy that sweet sweet Ipod.. I can't wait!

can u people start to think about the pic apple sent?does it hav anything to do with
@Joe McG :iPhone 4 proxmity sensor fix
@Nick:Apple is introducing their own iPorn program for FaceTime & iBand, buy your own apple music gear & it syncs w all your apple products
kschucks says:
How about iOS 4.1 with an improved Notification System????!!!!