Apple honors pride week with flag, t-shirts

It's pride week in San Francisco and Apple showed their continued support for nondiscrimination by raising the rainbow flag in front of the entrance to 1 Infinite Loop, the main building of its Cupertino, California headquarters, and giving out rainbow outlined Apple logo t-shirts.

Numerous Apple employees have shared images on Twitter, Instagram, and Flicker.

Symbols are symbols because they matter. It's great to see Apple continuing to put their name and their image where their core values are.

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Rene Ritchie

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Reader comments

Apple honors pride week with flag, t-shirts


What a freaking load of horse hockey. I’m so beyond torqued with all of the political correctness. You want to be gay? Be gay. You want to be straight? Be straight. What’s the deal with shoving your label in everyone else's face? Just go live your life and leave the rest of the world out if it. Everybody wants the fashionable labels to wear as badges of honor. Just go be the best person you can be - American, Canadian, British, Japanese, Indian, gay, straight, bi, or whatever. Just go do it and STFU about it.

Why do we need to "celebrate" anything? And when was the last "White History Month" or "Straight Pride Week" celebration? I don’t care, and I don’t want to hear about it. Live your life and let me live mine.

Great. I declare next week White Straight Male Celebration Week.

I guess my biggest issue is that everyone is something. Why can’t we just be people and move on? It’s beyond stupid to celebrate everything. Gay? Celebrate. Black? Celebrate. Native American? Celebrate. Female? Celebrate. Old? Go pound sand. White? Go pound sand. Straight? Go pound sand.

How does anything get done in this world with everyone celebrating who they are?

No he has a point, why do gays have to be treated like they're special? Is it because of the discrimination they get? Does that mean blacks and Muslims should get the same treatment because they get discriminated too? He's right, be who you want to be and move on. I don't care if you are Gay, straight, black, white, Muslim, Christian, or Jewish, I treat everyone the same way. No one should receive special treatment over anyone else, because we are all human beings at the end of the day.

Black people do get some special treatment, so you're clearly out of the loop. And right now, being gay is a crime in a lot of areas, and they don't get the same basic rights as others, so yes, they should get special pride days to help show the world that they're here, in large numbers, and are human beings who deserve respect.

What about this qualifies as "special treatment"?

Gays are widely discriminated against and oppressed. They have a pride day to celebrate their identity and celebrate their group's unity and solidarity with other groups. Apple is one of those groups.

Honestly, one of the most insidious forms of ignorance is pretending like historical/present-day injustices never happened and asking said oppressed people to get out of their face. These were the kinds of people that said blacks shouldn't rock the boat in the 60's or push an "agenda". The kind of stubborn, apathetic, "don't make me see it" attitude which is inherently intolerant, even though the person would never describe themselves as intolerant.

I guess we shouldn't celebrate Veterans Day either? Or Christmas? If you really take issue with the concept of celebration then we have to get rid of of all of them for the sake of fairness.

If instead you are just uncomfortable with other peoples expression I would encourage you to go ahead and hold straight, male, celebration week if that will make you feel better. No one will stop you.

That's because _every_ week is white straight male celebration week. It's because of the oppression pressed upon [your minority of choice] by white straight males that minorities need to have pride celebrations.

Everybody is unique in their own way but some of have things that make us a little different from others. I would love to see the day when we don't need to have special events to celebrate those difference but as long as people are being persecuted for those differences then we must 'throw it in other people's faces' so that they know we're valid human beings.

As a gay white male (just establishing my creds here and stating for the argument which side I'm coming from) I'd love to get off my soapbox but until I have all the same rights and protections (either legally or just as a social contract) then I'm staying on my perch.

Visibility is change. I'm glad Apple agrees.

You do realize that straight, white males have been the most powerful, priveliged group on earth for about 500 years, right? Ethnic groups and those of non-heterosexual sexual orientation have special events because - in part - so much of the rest of the world crushes them. Homosexuality is heavily looked down upon in much of the world, utterly taboo in others, and still punishable by death in others.

Imagine if someone says, "great, you're straight, but please don't ever hold hands with your wife in public." What you're saying is peoples identity is only Ok if it never passed before your eyes. That is to say, it's not really OK.

**Imagine if someone says, "great, you're straight, but please don't ever hold hands with your wife in public." What you're saying is peoples identity is only Ok if it never passed before your eyes. **

Why those "Prides" are not happening on Middle east, where is an actual and real danger for all gays? Why? because, this is not about helping gay community, this is about giving gay community power, political power. You are even not allowed to speak against those Prides, unless your called ....(insert your favorite insult), today.Stay tuned for more in upcoming decade.
All this is part of Cultural Marxism theory. Educate yourself.

It's Straight Pride day every day a straight man or woman uploads a picture of their kids on Facebook...

Now if they would acknowledge they have an issue an release the statistics on race and gender in the company like most the other tech companies have.

I think it's after you make a compelling case for past oppression of the group but shortly before there is a complete nation wide shift in the perception and acceptance of said oppressed group.

Well certainly polygamists are oppressed. If two men or two women should be able to marry each other surely one man and two women or three men and one woman should be able to marry each other.

It never ceases to amaze me with the ignorance of the comments on here. If it bothers you so much, don't buy from Apple or support pride. I doubt that it'll crush them......

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I probably wouldn't, but since every other tech company also supports this agenda and their products suck way more than Apple's I will stick with Apple.

Hmm. "but since every other tech company also supports this agenda"

I wonder why every company supports this agenda? Maybe they know something you don't. These companies have employees that organize this agenda and they are clearly smarter than you since they work at Apple and Google and all the other tech companies that you say are supporting this agenda and they clearly are extremely smart to build these state of the art products.

Why does everyone feel the need to put gays on a pedestal? What would people say of a company that had straight pride week?

I'm amazed that absolutely nobody has ever suggested such a novel idea! You're one sharp fella (and I mean that in a completely butch, non-gay "let's talk sports, bro" way) (I also used "butch" in the old John Wayne Tough Guy way, not the new way butch means something with gay people). (Fist bump?).

Anyway, thanks for posting this. As a straight-white male, I've not been feeling appreciated for being the kind of person who has it easiest in this world for a couple of days (hours?) so having another week where I can feel pride for not being discriminated against for anything is good for the ego!

They would probably say, "That company sounds like it's run by an asshole."

I know. It's totally unfair isn't it? But so is the way the LGBT community has been treated for years.

Time to put your big boy pants on and deal with the oppression of straights for a week.

This makes me chuckle. How proud can Apple be when the guy that runs the place is still deeper in the closet than most of my shoes? Well, maybe not as deep anymore since somebody outed him on CNBC the other day, but still. Come on Timmy, show your pride.

Bingo! I actually am in agreement with Cook's handling of his personal affairs though. Cook is keeping his private life private, while still using his position to further a cause. While I don't agree with his views, I think if I only bought or dealt with company's/people I agree with I would have very little to choose from. Let's just please stop all the hate and divisiveness in the world regardless of our beliefs. This world is just full of hate and violence. We all share this planet and let's treat each other better.

What if hate is what we hate, though? "Two wrongs don't make a right" and all, but it sure feels good to take bigoted asshats down a notch or 90.


Isn't it well known that Cook is gay? He does nothing to deny it but he's in the closet because he does not publicly declare "I'm gay?" His sexual orientation has nothing to do with him running Apple. Why are there people that think famous people have some sort of responsibility to disclose their sexual preferences?

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Who gives a rat's ass. It's his business. I'm sure there's plenty of folks who are part of a group that don't openly identify with it.

I like Star Trek but i don't go to conventions or dress up like Spock. It doesn't matter. It has no meaning or importance. A person's business is their own.

Also, whoever outer him against his wish to stay private is a dickwad. Not an opinion. It's a fact, Jack.

This article is funny considering it is on a Tech Site (App) and people are going crazy over Gay Pride Day??, what happened to the Tech?, you mention Gay and the lovers and the Haters come out in droves, Tech or Not, people are NUTS!!!!

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