Apple still intent on intervening in Lodsys developer lawsuits

When patent troll Lodsys started suing App Store developers, Apple filed a motion to intervene on developers' behalf and, not surprisingly, Lodsys objected. So now Apple has doubled down, insisting on a hearing and answering all of Lodsys' objections. If the court sides with Apple, Lodsys won't be staring at independent legals teams of assorted sizes. They'll be stared down by Apple legal.

Florian Mueller of FOSS Patents breaks down Apple's 6 areas of response, which he says "tears into pieces" Lodsys' arguments. He sums up:

In today's reply brief, which I have uploaded to Scribd, Apple still requests a court hearing on its motion. Things may still take some more time, but there will be no more written pleadings unless the court asks the parties to address particular questions in more detail. At this stage it's possible that the court decides very quickly, and I continue to be reasonably optimistic that Apple's motion will be granted.

By contrast, despite a blog post rant against Apple and Microsoft last week, Google still remains utterly and depressingly silent when it comes to Android developers being sued by Lodsys.

Read the full breakdown via the link below.

[FOSS Patents]

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Ryan says:

Apple will no doubt be allowed to intervene. The claims by Lodsys are rubbish and this whole situation is childish. They can prepare for their company's demise once this is all over. They definitely don't deserve media attention like this.

Matt Brady says:

Don't you have a version of this graphic where he doesn't have "NOKIA" on his forehead?

SteveW928 says:

Maybe Apple should just dip into their cash reserves a bit, buy Lodsys, fire everyone, and shut them down. They could put it into the PR budget. They would be heroes. :)

icewing#IM says:

"...Google still remains utterly and depressingly silent when it comes to Android developers being sued by Lodsys."
Standard Operating Procedure for Google - let Apple do all the hard work, R&D, etc, then copy it.

qitupx says:

Yeah, I can't think of anything that Google copied.

Hooligan says:

images on the search page ala Bing? remember that?

Olearymo says:

But... it doesn't have anything to do with Nokia. Why is it amusing?

Viral says:

So, 'good on google' for allowing their developers to take it in the a** in the meantime?