Apple Introduces New 27" iMac, MacBook, Mightier Mini, Magic Mouse, Remote


Apple today announced new 21.5" and 27" iMacs, a new line of MacBooks, mightier Mac Minis, and a Magic Mouse (with iPhone-like multi-touch), and new Apple Remote.

  • The new iMacs [PR link] include cinematic 16x9 displays, quad-core option,
  • The new MacBooks [PR link] have plastic unibody construction, 7-hour non-changeable batteries, LED backlights, and glass multi-touch trackpads (basically like the pros but without the aluminum)
  • The new Mac Minis [PR link pending] are now up to 2.66GHz and up to 4GB, and a special version with Snow Leopard Server pre-installed.
  • The Magic Mouse [PR link] is wireless and has a seamless multi-track surface, and laser-tracking engine. Click, swipe, and scroll anywhere.
  • The new Apple Remote is black and aluminum, with a large 4 way (re: Muero in comments -- not sure

More as this develops!

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Rene Ritchie

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Apple Introduces New 27" iMac, MacBook, Mightier Mini, Magic Mouse, Remote


This just throws a wrench into my whole plans to buy a new computer. I was about to order the HP Envy15, but now I see that Apple will release a 27 inch Core i5 iMac in November and I'm kinda torn. I would prolly use the envy as a desktop replacement and its nice and portable, but a 27 inch iMac would be real sweet. They both are around ~$2000 but I'm sure once I start customizing the iMac I'll be in trouble. Decisions, decisions.
Hopefully my 50 shares of Apple I bought yesterday at 189 will be paying for a new iMac or Envy.

That new mouse looks really cool. However, I have the wireless mighty mouse so I don't think it really justifies the purchase of a new one.

Hey Rene, you forgot info about the spiffy new Remote. It's in the title and lead paragraph but no details. Does that thing have a Nano-esque scroll wheel or does it just look like one?

Glad to see they're no longer ignoring the mini (which languished a LONG time without a refresh before earlier this year). The 27" iMac looks sweet, although I'd probably never get one. And the Magic Mouse looks pretty cool- I wonder if it really does work well.

This is exactly what I've been waiting for. I will now be an owner of an iMac when I get out of basic training.
Luckily my friend gets a copy of Windows 7 free along with Parallel Desktop. I'm so in like swimwear. =]

It doesn't appear that any of the mouse's finger gestures can move the cursor... which explains why this is still a mouse, rather than the desktop trackpad it should've been by the year 2009.

Anybody realize they removed the firewire port from the Macbook again? I guess they're drawing the line between this new model and the pro model.'s a good thing I bought my replacement for the mighty mouse just about 2 weeks ago at Radio Shack! Returning that today and heading to the Apple Store for my new Magic Mouse! Oh wait...wrong blog!

@ Dman and cardfan
if you think TIPB is at fault for posting material about Apple, then you are just as much at fault for reading. If you have a problem with content, skip it!

WMExperts posts general Microsoft stuff, Android Central posts general Google stuff, and we post general Apple stuff. Not a lot, just when it's "big news". We apologize for those who find this offensive and hope our other, non-non-iPhone posts are more to your liking.
(We'll also post about Win7 when it launches, fair warning -- most iPhone users use Windows :) )

Well this is where I came first to read about the new iMac stuff. I knew you would have info in it and I tried to go to the apple store on my phone and the damn screen kept locking up. I have the same problem in my desktop for some reason. I was trying to look at the Mac mini and the page just hung there. Couldn't pinch or zoom. So I came here. Thanks Rene!!

To folks who think the iPhone lives in a bubble and that Apple announcements don't have some impact on iPhone need to chill

I enjoy being able to get any significant Apple updates via this blog. Rene's articles are always very well written, which isn't always that common on the Internet these days! It'd be quite a stretch to say this particular post isn't related to the iPhone, it's the first time Apple have expanded multi-touch beyond the iPhone/touch - which shows how important they think this technology is to them.
The iPhone is slowly(quickly?) becoming the dominant OSX platform at Apple - and going forward more and more technology is going to be shared between the Mac line and various portable products.

can i get the magic mouse as a replacement for my mighty mouse that doesnt scroll anymore?? or am i gonna have to cough up some dough?? haha either gettin it.

For those who have the new mouse, how is it's right click sensitivity? My biggest complaint with my Mighty Mouse is that it sometimes (often enough to irritate) registers a press on the right side of the mouse surface as a plain old left click, rather than a right click. Is the new mouse any better in that regards?

@Fassy - to right click on the Mighty Mouse you have to lift your index off of the mouse where a left click would normally be registered. The mouse can sense your finger and gives you a left click otherwise. Very irritating to me which is why I abandoned the Mighty Mouse and went with a Best Buy Rocketfish Bluetooth mouse that works quite well. Unfortunately, the Best Buys around here discontued the Rocketfish mouse.

I really wish that Apple would design a mouse to actually match their computers designs. A bright white mouse does not match my aluminum and black macbook at all. I have a wireless dell mouse that looks prettier than this mouse. I do want one though. I could actually see myself using it... but the new trackpads are just so useful.

@staff. Include the 400$ price drop for aditional 4 gb ram for macbook pro. Just discovered it and made my day because Im about to buy one mbp and 1k for 8gb ram was way too overpriced. Price drop also saw in the hard drives ( at least ssd). In overall a price drop in customization cost are biggis news :P

You know, sometimes I lay my iPhone down and open Air Mouse and do the same thing...
But I do need one though, it's really pretty and cool. ( lol )

Just fixing an error.
The new Mac Minis are not up to 2.66ghz.
The low-end is 2.26ghz and the high-end and server models are both 2.53ghz.

@31: The minis do go up to 2.66 GHz. But that's for an additional $150 over the $799 high-end model. The day before, the additional $150 processor upgrade bought you 2.26 GHz over 2.0 GHz, so a nice improvement over the prior gen.

Yes, I find that very irritating about the Mighty Mouse, but mine also does it on occasion when my left finger is not on it. Some reports are suggesting the Magic Mouse has a similar left-the-finger constraint, which would be a deal breaker for me. I'll have to check for myself next time I happen to be at an Apple store.

i had bought the imac 24 about two weeks ago and just happened to go into the apple store and found out that the 'new' 21.5 and 27 had just been released and were going on the shelf the next morning. one of the sales persons suggested that i bring mine back in or the receipt for my old one and that i could trade up or get a couple of hundred dollars back off the price on my receipt - i definitely moved up. more computer for the same money that i had spent on the 24"....and i got $53 back for my up-grade wireless keyboard and mouse because the new imac's come with both. What about that for customer service????

oh man i just got a mac mini like a month new ones already??? fuck me...i totally want the new one right meow damnit! anyway i can upgrade to the new one?

This is where I came first to read about the new iMac stuff. I knew you'd have info inside it and that i attempted to go to the apple store on my cell phone and the damn screen kept locking up. I've exactly the same condition in my desktop for some reason. I had been trying to consider the Mac mini and the page just hung there. Couldn’t pinch or zoom. So I came here. Thanks Rene!!

I savour, cause I discovered exactly what I used to be having a look for. You've ended my four day lengthy hunt! God Bless you man. Have a great day. Bye