Apple introduces iPod touch with Retina Display, FaceTime, HD Video

iPod touch 4 with FaceTime and Retina Display

As part of the 2010 special music event, Apple CEO Steve Jobs introduced a new iPod touch with Retina Display, HD video recording, FaceTime video calling, Apple A4 chip, 3-axis gyro, and iOS 4.1 with Game Center.

“We’ve put our most advanced technology inside the new iPod touch,” said Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO. “Whether you’re listening to music, playing games, making FaceTime video calls, browsing the web, capturing HD video or watching TV shows and movies, the new iPod touch with its Retina display, A4 chip and 3-axis gyro is more fun than ever.”

The good news is that the video recording really is 720p. The bad news is that the still photos are only 960x720(!). And yes, it's thin.

Unlike last year, they're not letting the previous generation iPod touch linger around as the bargain basement SKU either. Every storage size and price point gets the new features.

Pricing is 8GB/$229. 32GB/$229, and 64GB/$399. (No 128GB model, sorry, iPod classic does linger for that...) and it starts shipping next week.

Anyone getting one?

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Reader comments

Apple introduces iPod touch with Retina Display, FaceTime, HD Video


Bad news on the camera front, or so it appears. HD video recording is great, but it looks like stills are limited to 960x720!!! Thats according to product description in Apple store. That's rotten. I don't like to complain, but that stinks.

Don't get me wrong, it's an "A-plus" upgrade-- no doubt-- but a hamstrung camera is poopy. I really wanted to give this to the wife and let her dump the point-n-shoot. No dice.

Anybody know if the only way to order one is to do so through Apple. Would love to purchase from another retailer.

No reason for me to get an iPhone 4 now, I just might escape At&t yet, thank G they didn't let me update. Sucky part is gonna be carrying 2 devices around.

Will they change wifi behavior on the new iPod Touch so it'll always on even on standby? Otherwise you have to phone the person to wake up their iPod Touch to communicate via facetime.

Oh man, looks like there might be more bad news... In the engadget hands-on video, it looks like the Touch has really bad viewing angles leading some to believe it's not an IPS display! Any more word on this, TiPb eds?

Hey Rene, you might want to check for a typo on the pricing. Unless apple really is selling both the 8gb and 32gb models for the same price... Which would be ludacris.

So we have the iPad with no contract 3G from AT&T, why not introduce an iPod touch with a plan to get data only from AT&T. Then you could add on the mic and earpiece and have a killer Skype phone for $30/mo!! Now that we have multitasking, I was really hoping for something like this!

The Visa is out and waiting…with the camera I can use the doc scannig apps & load straight into PDF Reader or Docs To Go. Retina display…drool....

Don't mean to be petty but I'm glad the iPhone keeps it's unique form factor and the touch just gains parity with features. Looks good tho.

My wife has a company phone, I wanted her to get an iPhone 4 like me so we can use Face Time for her to talk to our 22 month old son when she travels on business, but her company won't allow her an iPhone so I think this might be just what i'm looking for :)

@Jake Hilborn, I know, and it's killed the battery life on my iPod Touch. It's abysmal on standby now. Listening to 2 hours of music and then leaving it alone for the rest of the day kills it now. I have to keep it on airplane mode now, and just turn on the Wi-Fi when I need it, and now I get like 4 days of audio. It's amazing now.

Having an iPhone 4 myself, I'm buying the new iPod touch for my girlfriend solely for the FaceTime feature. ++++