230,000 iOS devices activated every day

During his 2010 Apple special music event numbers breakdown, Steve Jobs said that Apple is activating 230,000 iOS devices a day. He made sure to point out those were new activations and said some of their "friends" (read: Google) are counting upgrades in their numbers (200,000 Android activations a day).

"If we counted upgrades in our numbers they'd be way higher than 230,000"

Jobs thinks, using that metric, Apple is ahead of everybody else.

Google, however, told Fortune that Jobs has it wrong:

"The Android activation numbers do not include upgrades and are, in fact, only a portion of the Android devices in the market since we only include devices that have Google services."

What's interesting is that Apple and Jobs went to the trouble of bringing the numbers up. Why try to play that game with a competitor in the commodity OS business?

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Rene Ritchie

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The headline is more than just misleading; you are saying Google disagrees with Apple's iOS numbers, when they did no such thing. Google refuted Jobs' implication about Android's numbers, something about which they should know and which they have every right to set straight.

Idk. I don't really how this really matters. Android is just an OS that ANYONE can use. So why wouldn't more of those exist, not to mention they are available on every single carrier on like...55984984985 devices. iOS is on only a few devices, and on exclusive carriers. I don't see need for comparison. If you compare the iPhone head to head with one single android device then that's a worthy comparison, but the 3 iOS devices vs a million android is pointless...

@(Copy of) Dev, the title clearly says "..more than android. Google Disagrees." this meaning they disagree with apples numbers being higher than theirs. To further clarify, google thinks they're number is bigger than apples.

Jasonphil, you are right. And the said thing is, droid fans will fail to see this reason. I wouldn't expect apple to be ahead in this situation. Either way who cares? Most people who come to these sites are probably just common fans of the product. So what if one is ahead of the other. Enjoy your device and get over it.

@Kyle - In Google's statement, they disagree with Apple's claim that competitors include upgrades in their daily activations. They do not disagree, or at least that doesn't appear from Google's statement, that Apple activates more devices than Google. Google's statement is clear, and it doesn't say that they disagree with Apple activating more than Google.
It is a misleading headline, just to create, as usual, more rivalry. Come on, you don't need these tactics to convince iOS is better than Android. In some way it is, in some way it isn't, it is something we will have to live with.
For the record, I am an iOS user, not a Andorid user, although I tried it a lot too.

Google numbers weren't the only thing issue Steve had. DS sales reached 125 million in Jan. Had the hell does 120 million total iOS devices (not iPod Touch) beat 125 million. Not even including the PSP sales. With this and antenna-gate, Apple is becoming really petty and overly concerned about the competition. Wouldn't be so bad if they didn't tell outright lies to put themselves in a better light.

Steve better stop quoting numbers because he's gonna regret making those numbers a focus at all when there is no way apple will be able to do the same numbers as android which is avail for a heck of a lot more devices now n in the future..

230000 a day with the new iphone4 and iPods just out but I don't believe Apple will be able to keep up. That's 80 millions a year.
But it doesn't matter, Apple is making 10 times more money per device.

The problem with Job's statement is that its iOS activations. That is all iPhones, all iPod Touches, and all iPads around the world (iPhone is available on most carriers outside of the USA). Google is using just their phones and that is it.
Job's needs to focus on one up'ing the competition, not using misleading numbers and verbally attacking other companies during press events.

Apple did not say they have sold more (being total sold). They said they are selling more as in presently. See, now go away.

[About comparing the number of activations:] Why try to play that game? Because a lot of Apple's success depends on the perception that the iPhone is the dominant platform. Which if course it isn't, and never has been - RIM still has more customers.

@Bizarderic: You can make 10x more per-device, but if you sell 5 devices and I sell 100, I've made more. Apple's still losing. And it's not very surprising to find out that Steve Jobs is a pretty sore loser.

@RickyRod: How? Google gives away android for free and not one company has made a smartphone that's outsold the iPhone. Collectively I can see your point but then that's an unfair comparison.

@Andrew Flores: Google makes money from advertising, just like they always have. The more devices running Google services and using Google search the more money they make. That was their plan with Android from the beginning. The device makers are jumping on to stay competitive. Why spend millions on developing a competitive os when there is a free one available? They can continue on producing topnotch hardware and spend less on software development.
Google also makes money from the same services on the iPhone, they have even said that they are happy with it's success because of this. I think they just don't appreciate S.J.'s arrogance or especially his politician like attacks towards them and other companies and politely respond accordingly.
One company has made a smartphone that has outsold the iPhone, RIM.

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