Apple iOS engineering VP Henri Lamiraux retires

Apple iOS engineering VP Henri Lamiraux retires

Long-time Apple veteran Henri Lamiraux has retired. Lamiraux was most recently vice president of iOS engineering, where he was responsible for the development of apps included with iOS. Lamiraux left Apple a couple of weeks ago, according to an email communication he shared with 9to5Mac.

Lamiraux decided "a little while ago" to leave once iOS 7 launched, he told Mark Gurman. The report paints Lamiraux's responsibilities within Apple as crucial to the development of iOS, managing bug fixing, feature implementation and feature distribution, along with frameworks within the OS that enable developers to make apps.

Lamiraux had been with Apple for 23 years, starting in Mac software engineering, eventually moving to iOS development even before the iPhone was introduced.

Source: 9to5Mac

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Apple iOS engineering VP Henri Lamiraux retires