Rumor: Apple iTablet Drawing Nigh, Competitors Left Waiting High and Dry?

Mac Touch Concept Rendering

Barrons (via MacRumors) claims an unnamed analyst has seen the near-legendary Apple iTablet and thinks:

The machine impresses with its display of hi-def video content, says the veteran analyst, who asked not to be identified. "It's better than the average movie experience, when you hold this thing in your hands."

And what's more, competitors know that we know that they know that it's coming soon:

"It's close enough now to a final design that in Asia, there's no other product in the waiting room or in the bullpen," said the analyst. "There are dozens of ODMs [original device makers] making products for Lenovo and other PC makers that are all waiting to see what the Apple product is."

So does this mean just as the iCloned iPhones are waning, the iReplicated iTablets are just waiting to launch? We'll know come September. Or October. Or... January to March 2010!

(And yes, we still have polls open on both when it will ship, and what OS is will run, and whether or not it will succeed - get voting!)

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Reader comments

Rumor: Apple iTablet Drawing Nigh, Competitors Left Waiting High and Dry?


Still fail to see why you would spend ~$599/699 (According to cnet this morning in their write up) on one when you already own an iPhone or laptop. Any pretty much everyone has at least one of those.

I'm getting one! After going to Mac from PC I'd never go back to PC. After getting an iphone I swore I'd never go back to a "regular phone" lol they just seem to do everything right as far as quality of product. But what if it ships with a carrier like they said!? Verizon?? Fine by me considering I have Verizon. Hoping and praying for a VZW iphone. Hoping and praying I don't have to go back to AT&T.

For the money Apple will no doubt be asking for this iThing, it better be awesome not just "better than average".

Don't see the point of it. If I want a screen that big I'd also want a physical keyboard to go along with it. Plus how comforable would it be watching a movie with this? It doesn't bend and sit in your lap like a notebook does. You'd have to hold this thing on an angle the whole time... DUMB.

It's amazing how big of an effect apple has on the computer market. I almost feel sorry for Dell and lenovo. Apple's scaring them to death:)

I have an iPhone and i'm STILL getting one of these... will be amazing.. I'm kind of a casual couch surfer anyway... so this would be perfect to just leave around on the couch or whatever and iChat with it's built in camera (if it has one) and do other random FULL OSx things.

I also fail to see the appeal of an oversized iTouch. lack of keyboard is a real killer for this product. You would have to hover over it while it lies flat on a table to type with 2 hands. holding this thing throughout the entire movie? What if I want some popcorn or to cuddle w/ my better half? lame
This will be a flop if this is the final prototype we keep seeing from these ANALists.
Now this is a product to get excited about:
see video. It's quite phenomenal and open source, $300! No way would Apple sell something for $300. 10-15 hour batter life on that one too.

Dude it's basically going to be a full blown OS right?
So i could very well see there being a DOCK that you can drop this thing right into and boom, youve got a keyboard, Mouse etc etc ready to go.
When you want to pull it out and just take it with you, good to go, now youve got a mobile touch tablet.

great! $300 bucks extra for the dock/keyboard/mouse combo on top of the iTablet. I'm sold (sarcasm).
Of course, too early to tell what this thing is since every analyst report is just a speculation or even misdirection by Apple to mislead all the other companies. Will just have to wait and see.
If it's anything like the product I linked to, then it will be awesome. But then again, I'd rather buy that open source tablet and hackint0sh it myself for $300.

What the hell will it do? Portable movies? We have portable DVD players and pmps. Internet browsing? We have pcs and laptops. Music? We have tons of music devices. A big ass remote? They sell those in walmart. A word processor? Well it has no keyboard. A note taker? I have paper and pen. A big phone? I have my moms old mobile phone.
A control screen to regulate ac, fill my bath tub, streaming av server, turn sprinklers on. Feed pets, clean pool, make up my bed? The protype iHome? Yeah would be cool but ain't happening.
I dont see a use for this device.

Glad to see you are coming around TRUTH, your last pronouncement was that it "Wasn't going to happen".
Now your all the way up to "It might happen but not for me."
If it has WIFI, I can see this as the perfect living room coffee table computer. Always there, fast boot up, no freakin wires to deal with, no digging it out.
Just pick it up, tap the on button, and surf without a hot heavy laptop.
I'm the guy that said I would never buy another Apple device, but if this is like an iPhone OS in a bigger package, minus that god damed 3g contract I might have to change my mind.

Although a lot of people don't like this itablet it will appeal the a lot of people. As someone else said there will probably something you can dock it on.
@Truth: a lot of people like getting one device to do it all to make things a lot easier.

@matt b
yeah and soon as your one device fails you're assed out. Redundancy is your friend when it comes to electronics.

Why the f**k is Truth still commenting on a Apple blog? Ban the Troll. Enough already. Go praise your comments where someone gives a dam!

Don't feed the animals - it only encourages them. Their poor self image compells them to spew desparate nonsense in the hopes that someone will respond and thus validate them in their sad twisted minds.

Please rederect Truth's comments to the MS complaints department. Keep comments to those that are Apple users ( not using moms handmedown cell phones).