Apple special music event - what we didn't get

What didn't we get from Apple during their 2010 special music event? The iPod touch line got an extremely decent refresh, as well as the Nano.   iPhone is getting iOS 4.1 next week with some newly added features and some much needed bug fixes. The iPad will be getting iOS 4.2 - in November, but I'm sure some of us would have liked to see it sooner. And we got an overhauled iTunes. I personally wasn't expecting a whole new iTunes, so that was the surprise of the day for me. AppleTV was pretty underwhelming in my book (as well as Rene's).  Click through to see what us here at TiPb would have liked to see and let us know in the comments what you would have liked that just didn't make the cut this time.


iPhone will be getting iOS 4.1 next week. Along with general bug fixes (proximity issues anyone?), you'll get Game Center and some welcome additions to the camera. I know I wasn't the only staff member excited by the edition of HDR to the camera, but I would have liked to see maybe some contrast and saturation settings added. I've especially noticed it on the iPhone 4, but sometimes pictures in low light settings come out a little too warm (yellow-ish) in my opinion. It would be nice to be able to tweak some settings. Game Center is a welcome addition, but I'm not crazy about the whole carnival-esque layout. I much preferred the original layout from the original 4.0 betas.  I wasn't expecting too much in the way of iPhone.  There were rumors flying around of a new iPhone, but I think we all know better than that around these parts.  Apple is predictable.  As long as their current business model works, I don't see them changing that pattern.


The iPad will have to wait for November for iOS 4.2 - next week would have been nice. Why the hold up? El Jobso really didn't have a lot to say about the iPad at the event. He seemed a bit rushed. Deep down, I was really hoping to hear about a potential iPad refresh, but I figured that wouldn't happen until January or so. Did you guys expect anything iPad wise that you didn't get?

Apple iPod touch - All kinds of fun commercial


As far as iPods go, I really have nothing to complain about. I think the shuffle combines the best of both previous generations now. The Nano now has a touchscreen! It contains everything the previous generations had, but aligns better with its sibling product lines. Chad noticed the absence of video on the Nano. I don't really know if that would both me personally, as I wouldn't want to watch movies or video on that tiny little screen. To me, this is simply Apple positioning themselves in the market. If you want an iPod with video, you'll have to step up to the iPod touch now. Makes good business sense to me. Only peeve I have with the new iPod line at the current moment is the back material on the Touch. For the love of everything Jobs, PLEASE pick a better finish that doesn't scratch when you set it on a pillow? That chrome is just screaming "Scratch me!" How about a frosted material next time guys?

iTunes 10


iTunes 10! This was the one thing I was somewhat excited about today. I don't get too excited about iPods since I have an iPhone, so I really have no need for one. Ping sounds like a good concept, but we'll see if it will catch on. I also like the idea of top 10 lists created by your friends, but you'll also have to be selective about what friends you have on there. I have friends who listen to death metal, and I don't want that in my top 10 suggestions lists. To me, that doesn't sound very intuitive. Some people would have liked to see cloud-based syncing or some version of iTunes in the cloud. We previously speculated that this was why Apple acquired LaLa. Maybe not?  I would have liked to see some more intuitive ways to organize content.  I love coverflow and sometimes even if you group albums the same, you see duplicates in different views.  More than anything, I wanted to see more fine tuned controls.  If anyone sees anything new in iTunes 10 as far as organization I haven't found yet, let us know in the comments.

New Apple TV with Netflix, Streaming, rentals

Apple TV

I pretty much have the same feeling's Rene does on this one, so we'll let him take it from there. But if you'd like to rant or tell us your thoughts, let us know in the comments. Needless to say, I'll probably be getting one. That may sound odd, but I didn't have the first generation, or any generation AppleTV. At $99, I can stream all my movies from my iMac to the TV and stop fiddling with burning DVDs or hooking up an output device. And iTunes rentals are cheaper than rentals from Comcast. I've been waiting to pull the trigger on a new media device for our living room as we've been putting it off forever. I'd still have liked to see a LOT more features than what we got. Anyone else picking one up?

I also would have liked to see an update to MobileMe or something along the lines of adding new features.  Streaming would have been nice or the ability to store books or music wirelessly to your MobileMe iDisk.  Other than that, I didn't expect that many "One more things".

That about wraps it up, let us know all your thoughts in the comments!

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Apple special music event - what we didn't get


Now that I've had time to reflect, apple tv is really underwhelming like you guys have said. They could have at least thrown in safari.

I thought that this was a good sesh I'm definitely wanting that apple tv even though it doesn't have potential for more apps on it, I was wondering if anyone knew when we can expect a jailbreak for 4.1 on the iPhone 4

I hate how the new itunes has that pesky album bar that I CANNOT move... I like having songs on the left not album names

What I want to know about the Apple TV is will I be able to stream my music, movies and pictures from my Time Capsule straight to the apple tv without having to stream them to my macbook first. If I have to stream it to my mac then I might as well connect my mac to the tv and use the iPhone's remote app to control iTunes.

Yes being able to fix the yellow tint when using flash would be extremely nice. Few of my friends just got an iPhone 4 and have a the same issues I do but the yellow pictures when using flash. Shouldn't this be something simple apple? Come on. Love the phone but fix the issue. I don't want to swap the phone because I don't want a refurbished phone I want to stick with the original iPhone 4 that I sat in front of my computer for 4 hours to preorder and spent $450 on.

I was hoping for a comparable Apple product to Grooveshark, iBook reader in iTunes, and at least a mention that the Remote app will get an update soon.

One minor point.
It's not just the iPad that's getting iOS 4.2 in November. It's iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch devices that will be getting 4.2 in November, correct?

Wondering how the apple tv compares to WD media player that's out. Maybe the apple tv can be hacked and safari loaded to it?
Not thrilled bout new nano, lack of camera and smaller screen. Bet it doesn't have a speaker either. Will stick with last years model, especially since no 32gb yet.

I was pleasantly surprised in fact. Everything wanted re iPod and more. 4.1 a bonus and while I EXPECT iPad update this fall/autumn, I didn't expect it to be confirmed. Pad 4.2 is a long wait and we'll never know why, but at least it's on it's way and looking good... plus, hey, wireless printing woo hoo!

I was disappointed with the .99 tv rental for one episode. Episode usually sells for 1.99 or 2.99 depending on how popular it is. I dont think that a dollar or 2 difference would be that enticing. plus you dont get to keep the episode...

I am really disappointed with Apple TV. I can live with 720p BUT it doesn't support 5.1 audio. Just have a look at the Apple homepage. There it is, only Stereo! This sucks big time and disqualifies it as a media center. Apple says it always supports new technology, but not having multichannel audio is a no go for me. Sorry Mr. Jobs!
And it is too expensive. 99c for a TV episode? This is way too much. If you watch all 3 CSI shows this would be 66 bucks for the whole season. For just 3 TV shows! I don't know what you guys pay in the US for a cable contract, but here in germany I pay less than watching 3 shows on Apple TV. Why would I do that?
Plex with the new iOS App may be more expensive, but I can do everything I want with it. And I can have regular TV and streaming in one box.
Even my 360 (or a PS3 for that matter) can do way more.
Oh and I really like Apple products. Have an iPhone, iPad and MacBookPro and routers and even a Mac cup.
And as an early adopter to the iPad I am really disappointed to wait till November to get the iOS 4 update. What does take so long to implement? Printing?
But at least iTunes 10 looks good so far.

The new Apple TV seems like a step backwards, they haven't given us anything new. I have the old Apple TV with a 160Gb hard drive, why would I want to buy this new one. It just doesn't seem to have anything in therre as an improvement.
I can rent, download and watch films, TV and listen to music on the one that I have. Not parting with my money on this occasion.

iTunes "upgrade" = major bust. Same old pig, new corpulence. And a what are you, 13 year old girls that use a social network to enthuse about new songs you found "OMG you have to listen to this.". Be embarrassed, be very embarrassed.

Agree with Paul above. If you have an Apple TV, there's very little new except a smaller box. Hopefully the new one doesn't get so hot but I'm not sure that's what Jobs meant when he said it's 'cool'!
As for the iPhone, I'm still waiting for Coverflow that recognises the playlist I'm in instead of showing the whole library.

Boron, if you watched the live event Steve specifically states 5.1.
And Shollomon, we will just mention one of the popular social media sites, Facebook. And with almost half a billion people having an account. This iTunes gig is all about marketing and sharing. "oh look carrie bought Justin Beibers new song, mom Carrie has Justin Beibers new song, can I download it too" Carrie just helped sell a song in iTunes. This happens a few hundred thousand times a day. And you see some serious profit

@Gregg. I agree with you about the purpose of Ping. One more example of Apple adding profit centers to iTunes instead of things that make user's lives better/easier. Not that I'm opposed to Apple making a buck, but companies that don't balance what users really want with the desire to get paid have a tendency to overreach. Apple should not be embarrassed about Ping, anybody who uses it who is not a 13 year old girl should be. But, unfortunately, there will probably be millions of narcissistic hipster drones who won't be able to wait to see what their friends are buying. Bleh.
Meanwhile those of us who would actually like to use the software to manage and organize our content and sync our iDevices, especially on Windows, are left with a pig of a program that does not even do some very elementary things (watch folders for example).

Boron78, I don't understand what you mean Apple TV doesn't support 5.1? The tech specs on the site I'm looking at say, "Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound (not all titles)" obviously Apple can't add 5.1 sound to content that isn't created that way.
As for the price, you can still purchase the shows via iTunes on your computer and then stream them to your Apple TV as far as I know. This is just another option if you are sitting at the couch surfing through Apple TV and see a random show you never watch and spontaneously want to see an episode, now you can without a huge investment or effort. It's only in the USA regardless right now so the point is moot.
Also the Apple TV is not exactly a replacement for Cable if you are a big TV watcher. If you watch a lot of TV Cable or Satellite is probably your best option and will be for awhile. That is because TV allows you to sit down and mindlessly surf through random channels, 80% of the content you don't care for but you have enough options that usually at least one channel is broadcasting something you can waste sometime with.
Apple TV is more for the person who knows exactly what they want to watch and sits down to watch exactly that but otherwise would never watch TV and considers the monthly bill a waste.
Paul, clearly if you had an old Apple TV it is a more functional product, it is also a more expensive one and wasn't widely adopted at all. Since you did adopt it that means you most likely are an early adopter and pretty tech savvy, Steve was making the point that most people aren't, what he says about people not wanting to think of space and file management is true. People just want to surf menus see an item the like and click play even for a price. If everything was announced the way it was and the price wasn't set at $99 there would have been major issues, but since the price was reduced dramatically this is shaping up to be a very good platform, assuming there is a software road map similar to the iPhone and an SDK and App store will be released down the road. I'm sure it is not that easy of technology to implement though and we shouldn't expect too much in that regards.
Now what would be really amazing is a subscription model with channels being run more like an internet radio station. But the day the broadcasters let that happen is the day Steve wears a bright red shirt.

iPod touch: Pleasant surprise. iPod touch 8 GB is not the old gen 3 iPod touch. It's a true blue iPod touch 4th gen with Retina Display, Facetime, A4, and front & back cameras. Everything else appears as we hoped with the exception of poorer still camera performance then expected. Better than nothing in that front though!
Good: iPod shuffle back to 2nd gen form factor. All good there. If you just want to listen to music on the go, it's great.
Mixed: iPod nano is basically a bigger shuffle with PixoOS based multitouch screen. That's a plus and a minus. The nano is now really only a digital audio player + goodies - video. It's smaller so more portable, but harder to use. Lots of pluses and minuses. It's really is a DAP now and the iPod touch will be used for your converged device needs.
AppleTV: Meh. My household is on an anti-technology kick. Suffice it to say, more technology distractions in the living room is something we don't buy right now. The kids should be outside getting into trouble. So, meh, even though Youtube, Netflix, and streaming is all cool. I'd get it if I have more time.
iTunes 10: indifferent. It's fine for me.

The "overhaul" of iTunes was equally as underwhelming as the AppleTV. More bloat, no optimization, no wireless desktop syncing, and of course as mentioned no improvements to organization or controls.
The back still camera resolution on the itouch is really weak.

I disappointed with the new look of iTunes. What happened to all of the colour in the icons on the left? There were quite a few small changes to the look that just weren't as good as the previous version iTunes.

Good point buzzcheck, Where are the colors? That was an easy way to navigate. Would love to see ITunes sync to iPhone via wifi :(

Another issue would be with price points. The 8GB should at least sit at a $199 price point given how it compares to the next model up (32GB). The new nanos should be dropped in price as well, with the 16GB being maybe $149 or less and the 8GB dropped to $99, especially with how much they gutted from the nano compared to the previous model.

The boxee box, which is supposed to come out this year, will be price pointed the same, and you can stream any content, without converting.
I am sad to say the AppleTV still doesn't hit home in my books. At least the old one I could just install Boxee. Too bad, i wont be recommending or picking one of these up.

Jobs said the 4.2 would bring wireless printing to the iPad but the iPhone and iPod are getting 4.2 too, so that does mean that you would be able to print wireless from your iPhone 4?

Actually I'm especting a whole new technology from Apple like they did on the iPhone 4 (the antenna system,gyro,A4 on a phone,512MB of RAM), but I didn't get that on those new iPods,Apple TV, n iTunes.
However, the new iPod Touch seems promising, and would be my target later this year.

"The Nano now has a touchscreen! It contains everything the previous generations had, but aligns better with its sibling product lines." Everything except video playback and video recording. I don't care about the cheesy video recording but video playback is key and the old nano had a bigger screen than the classic.