Apple to launch ‘Red Friday’ one day sale in Asia to celebrate The Year of the Dragon

Apple is set to hold a sale across Asia to celebrate The Year of the Dragon.  The sale will start on January 6 and will last for one day only. As with all Apple sales, you will not know what the sale covers until it actually starts.

Customers in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore and the Philippines are eligible for Apple’s one-day sale, which the company is calling ‘Red Friday’, offering a range of accessories, gadgets and software — as well as some Apple Store exclusives.

Apple apparently sees Asia as a major growth market with China having the largest draw due to its huge population. Apple will look to boost sales and develop its brand by having promotions to match key dates in the Asian calendar.

Source: TNW


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Alvi Siongco says:

Will this apply to online shopping on your Apple stores?

EP says:

The Philippines isn't on Apple's Red Friday list! You got my hopes up for nothing, tipb! Next time double-check your sources -- or check first.

Dave says:

Apple doesn't seem to appreciate it's US customers quite as much as it's international ones.