Apple makes first distribution deal with Middle Eastern retail outlet

Apple makes first distribution deal with Middle Eastern retail outlet

Apple has signed an agreement with Saudi Arabian bookshop Jarir to sell Apple products through the outlet. This deal is the first of its kind between Apple and a retail outlet in the Middle East. The arrangement could lead to better prices on Apple products, according to Al Arabiya News:

In an interview with Al Arabiya News Channel, Jarir's chairman, Mohammad al-Aqeel, said that this agreement will allow the prices of Apple products sold at Jarir branches to be slightly reduced.

Jarir has previously sold Apple products, though they had to be acquired through third-party retailers, a process that took three to six months.

What do you think of Apple's agreement with Jarir? Let us know below in the comments.

Source: Al Arabiya News

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IceDree says:

Looking forward to it ... Everytime a new iPhone comes out ... Most dealers look to score quick bucks & prices can hike all the way up to 2000 dollars for a 16GB one ... Same with the colors .. The Gold iPhone most of times is more expensive than the gray & white ones.
Hopefully this deal will put an end to all that ... Even though Jarir's prices are a bit steep.

I guess we will find out when the next iPhone comes out

hurdish says:

Al-Jarir is an awesome bookstore! This is a smart move :)

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DJSeroton says:

I just hope the devices they sell now will have FaceTime not removed as is the case with what carriers and retailers sell in this part of the world.