Apple market cap $300 billion, now higher than Mount Doom

Apple Market Cap $300 billion

I should have bought at Scully...

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Apple market cap $300 billion, now higher than Mount Doom


You think buying at Scully would have been good? Try Gil Amelio!!
In 1996 Apple was hitting it's all time low I think. Around the same time, I had discovered that Apple had had these kinds of highs and lows before, and felt they were in a low period, so for my college public speaking course, I did a presentation on why you should buy Apple stock now. And I knew I was right based on the figures I had. Unfortunately I was a poor college student with $0 money above room and board to my name, otherwise I would have put my money where my mouth was.
But I had I known just how right I was then, I fear I would have committed a crime just to get enough money to buy a little stock!

This is apple news and has nothing to do with what this website is supposed to be about

Pfft...Facebook is just base camp at 50 Billion. Mount Apple won't be conquerable for sometime.

The bottom line is that although iOs is the biggest in market share, the situation is going to be changed very soon (Android).
This trend can also be seen by using a simple google trends search:
The questions for us (the developers) are:
1) Where is more money for developers now?
2) How long is it going to last?
My answers (guesses) are:
1) iPhone – Well, this is not really a guess.
2) 2 years.