Apple Nabs Chipmaker From IBM... And IBM Sues!

Apple Buys Palo Alto Semiconductor (PA Semi)

Apple Insider is reporting (via CNet) that Apple has hired away Mark Papermaster, IBM's VP of Microprocessor Technology Development.

When Apple bought Palo Alto Semiconductor (PA Semi), and reportedly signed licensing agreements with ARM and PowerVR, we kinda sorta suspected Steve Jobs was getting serious about spinning his own custom systems-on-a-chip for the iPhone and the greater iPod platform.

Hey, if they can switch from Intel integrated to Nvidia chipsets to support their Core 2 Duos on the Macbook line, they can certainly role their own mobile brains, right?

IBM is suing on the grounds of a no-compete clause, which has historically been worthless in California (which is likely why IBM is suing in New York!)

TiPb, of course, doesn't really care about no frivolous lawsuit. We just want to see what kind of "screaming" fast new iPhones we can has next year!

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Rene Ritchie

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Reader comments

Apple Nabs Chipmaker From IBM... And IBM Sues!


that picture is hilarious.... i spit out my coffee everywhere.. LoL i gotta say i keep coming back to the new TiPb posts just to see the pictures now... HAHA
Anyways.. on topic... yeah i think suing for that reason is kind of stupid if you ask me. It doesn't make sense...
i mean shouldn't that person have the right and freedom to want to work for whichever company they want to work for? what if he honestly made the decision that working for apple would be better for HIM as a person? do we easily forget about these things?
Yes i can understand there's the whole confidentiality laws and all that but still... what about the people! what if he wants to work for apple...

wow, powervr is still around? i had a video card using one of their chipsets in my pc back in the day, and if i remember right they made the video chipset for the sega dreamcast also.
oh, and just to be nitpickey, the expression is "roll their own.." not "role". :)

The iPhones only negative in my opinion, is the processor. Lag it causes at times is painful!