Apple named Brand of the Year for computer, tablets, phones

Apple named Brand of the Year for computer, tablets, phones

Market research firm Harris Interactive published the results of its newest Harris Poll Equitrend study, and the results show that Apple is still tops for consumers. The poll, which queried more than 38,500 American consumers, said that Apple is brand of the year (again) in three different categories: Computer, Tablet and Mobile Phone.

The poll looks at how consumers perceive more than 1,500 lifestyle, product and service brands across 155 different categories. Harris explained that Apple did particularly well in what it calls "Brand Momentum."

The news wasn't all good, however. Harris noted that Apple's reputation for quality has suffered this past year, but the strength of its brand momentum carried the company forward.

Trailing Apple in the computer brands are HP, Dell and Sony. And behind the iPad in tablet brands are the Kindle, Google Nexus, Samsung Galaxy and HP Slate. The iPhone was mobile phone brand of the year, with HTC, Samsung and LG falling behind.

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Apple named Brand of the Year for computer, tablets, phones


I'm from Australia and have loved Apple for years and years because their products allow me to work efficiently and enjoyably.

The Mac operating system is so intuitive that it was less than a year of my work colleagues watching me use my Mac, before they all converted. This was years before the fame of the iPhone.

Apple's customer service always blows me away. My partner recently had an issue with his MackBook. He made a Genius Appointment the same day and walked out of Apple with data intact and Mac working perfectly. In the bad old days of HP