Apple offering free shipping on all online purchases through May 29

Apple store

Apple is running a Father's Day promotion on its online store through which it is offering free shipping on all purchases starting today through Thursday, May 29. Although all orders over $50 are provided with free shipping normally, the deal allows you to grab accessories like cases and covers that may not usually reach the $50 price point.

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Traditionally, Apple has relied on retail storefronts for a bulk of its sales, but the manufacturer is turning its attention to e-commerce offerings. Apple recently overtook Walmart to become the second largest online retailer after Amazon, and more changes are underway as Angela Ahrendts settles into her role as the Senior Vice President of Retail.

Source: Apple


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Apple offering free shipping on all online purchases through May 29

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I think one important detail was mistakenly left out of the article and that one detail is the fact that apparently, this free shipping promotion is only available on the American Apple store website. It's not even available on the Canadian site and I wonder why.