Apple Now Officially 1000x Smarter than RIM: Bono to Re-Design BlackBerrys

We previously mentioned that RIM was picking up Apple's leftovers and sponsoring U2's next tour under the BlackBerry brand. Seems even that wasn't enough for Bono. Not considering this quote he dumped on Canada's Globe & Mail (via BGR):

“I’m very excited about this. Research In Motion is going to give us what Apple wouldn’t — access to their labs and their people so we can do something really spectacular.”

Memo to Bono: you are not a product engineer. While you may also have a pseudo-Britannic accent, you're certainly not Jonathan Ive. You're a singer; and just lucky enough to live in a time when singers make tons of money rather than getting spoiled fruit thrown at them. Let's try putting this in a context you might better understand:

"Steve Jobs said U2 is letting him do what John Mayer never would: go into the recording studio and solo on their new album..."

And RIM, what are you thinking? Bono pretty much owns most of Palm these days, and even they won't let him in the labs. You're making tons of money. Leave the cheap celebrity debacles to LG...

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Reader comments

Apple Now Officially 1000x Smarter than RIM: Bono to Re-Design BlackBerrys


I would pay for a Steve Jobs cd. I have a feeling he would totally revolutionize the music industry with slick design and quality vocals.

hahahaha i'd have to agree!
wow, i wonder what kind of BB bono would come out with.
One that curses w/ an accent everytime you PIN someone?

I think what Bono means is that he plans to do some nice integration of music to the BlackBerry a la

If Bono wants to do something really spectacular, he should start by finding a new f**king guitar player. :roll:

Stve says "if Bono wants to do something really spectacular ,he should start by finding a new f-in guitar player" ha ha ha.......NOT
Steve don't quit your lackluster day job in an attempt to be a suck

Balsille has gone from trying to buy anything on skates to anything that a good marketer of music, goodwill to the world, save the queers, etc.

fyi, U2's latest album is VERY strong, give it a listen. Having said that, I think this PR stunt between Bono and RIM is extremely lame. It's all about $$$$$$ I'm sure. In his spare time, Bono should stick to solving world hunger & peace instead.

Isn't he some old rock star! He'll probably just scream and smash any handset prototypes he doesn't like on the ground.

bono and u2 are so 1987. Their music has sucked since 1994 and they have no creative edge anymore. Don’t believe me, listen to their latest record. What’s it called, no line on the horizon (don’t know what horizon they’re looking at)? If you don’t have the latest craptastic record, turn on their last one, it sounds the same. Bono, good luck with your BB adventure. It will probably turnout like Zooropa and Pop.

Do you guys remember when u2 sold a fanclub membership through Bestbuy for their big comeback tour? The point was that if you paid...I can't remember? Like $200? You would get first dibs on the tickets for the tour through the fansite. I worked at Bestbuy at the time and tons of people bought the memberships. Then guess what? They refused to sell tickets through the site and released all the ticket on the general public with little notice. Affectivly screwing all their fans, and proving they can't be trusted. By the way Bob, it dosent matter if Bono dies. Bono steals all the (RED) aids money to create legions of Bono clones poised to take over the world. While they wait for that day, they peel potatos. Potatos give him strength.

Boy all you iphoners are bigger dbags than I thought. Yeah the iphone is nice, not the end all be all in technology. Last I looked BB isn't doing too bad.
As for U2 not being relevent... ha. They just spent 3 weeks as the most downloaded album on itunes; selling out 70k person stadiums in minutes; not to mention 5 stars in rolling stone for the new album. Just because they arent linked to steve (blow)jobs anymore doesnt mean they suck. (oh and by the way... that u2 iphone promo was pretty successfuly wasn't were they relevent then?)

This article is the last one I'll read on this site. Amazingly poor - must be run by kidz.
'Bono is just a singer' .. ? You are just a prick.