For the ninth time in a row, Apple leads J.D. Power smartphone satisfaction survey

Apple once again leads J.D. Power smartphone satisfaction survey

Apple has the highest U.S. customer satisfaction amongst smartphone manufacturers, according to J.D. Power and Associates. The survey ranks companies on a 1,000-point scale, using criteria such as performance, physical design, features, and ease of operation. Apple scores 855, sixty points higher than the next company on the list, Nokia.

For the ninth consecutive study, Apple ranks highest among manufacturers of smartphones in customer satisfaction. Apple achieves a score of 855 and performs particularly well in physical design and ease of operation.

The survey measures satisfaction among 9,767 smartphone customers, all of whom have had their phones for less than one year. Apple leads significantly, though other manufacturers are seeing better numbers as well. Overall satisfaction among smartphone customers has risen to 796, a 22-point increase over this same time last year. Improvements in features and services offered to smartphone customers is seen as the reason for the increase.

Source: J.D. Power and Associates

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Reader comments

For the ninth time in a row, Apple leads J.D. Power smartphone satisfaction survey


This is why I've seen six of my friends switch to iPhone 5 from an Android device in the last six months. I've had an iPhone for over a year now and I've never been so happy with a phone as I am with this one. It's contagious. I'm sure of it. Lol And Apple makes a good phone.

I hear, came over from BB, just wanting to try something new, love this phone, it's smooth, solid and dose exactly what I want. Haven't been able to put it down, I'm getting hooked.

And when you finally move over from an iPhone 5 to a Nokia Lumia 920, you reach the best experience period. Definitely not looking back! :)

That was probably not a JD Power ranking. Different surveys yield different results. Although, I will say I was impressed with WP8, just not as satisfied as I am with iPhone.

Its just like when you see vehicle commercials, they all have awards...just from different companies.

This seems obvious. People tend to buy an iPhone and stick with it. I had Android for about 2 years and had 5 different devices and they all had very annoying issues. The iPhone 5 is the best single device I've had to date.

Like the iPhone 5 just wish Bluetooth headsets with noise canceling would work on the 5 so the connections were clear and quiet. It has to do with the new mics in a 5 on back and side with its own built in canceling for video. Sure hope it gets fixed soon. Been thru 5 headsets in a semi and still not quiet.

Apple puts their heart and soul into their products. You get what you pay for. And it's one of the best phones that I have ever had and I honestly do not know if I will get a different phone ever. I mean, I am quite happy with my 4 and when I see people go for Samsung or Android device it just says bad decision, for me. I don't think they get the same experience as they would with an Apple product. I am sure Apple will be pressured into making a bigger screen and even more thinner devices down the road. But at their own pace, so far, they are doing a heck of a job. And that is because they were the first to create such an exquisite product we know and love as the iPhone. It's not like they just threw all three major uses in our lives into one device to give us an ok experience, they totally set the bar, HIGH. And to know they have their own stores with real Apple employees who give us a close to home Apple touch when we speak with them, that just sets them apart from the rest. Congrats.

I do think the figure would be even higher if carriers weren't allowed to lock people into two year and sometimes three year deals. Then more people would make the switch.

I like how Apple is great with customer service. Whenever I have a problem, I can go to my near Apple Store and get it sorted out. If it's a droid, I have to go through hoops just to get someone intelligent to talk to; in addition, I have to jump through more hoops to get great support once I talk to someone who can barely speak english.

It's funny how people drone on and on about how iOS is looking dated, how the specs are outdone by many android flagship phones... Well, I hate to sound like a broken record, but maybe people love Apple so much cos their products 'just work'... Of course typical consumers are going to be satisfied! Hardcore tech addicts and power users are the exception, not the rule.