Apple looking to open an R&D facility in Israel

According to a report by Ynetnews, Apple is looking to open a research and development center in Israel. A delegation of Apple representatives headed by VP Ed Frank is currently in the country meeting with high tech companies such as Intel. The new R&D operation will apparently be lead by Aharon Aharon, the former head of Zoran Corporation’s R&D center.

Calcalist has also learned that a delegation headed by Apple VP Ed Frank is currently visiting Israel to meet with several high-tech companies. Frank took a tour of Haifa and visited Intel’s headquarters in the city’s Scientific Industries Center (MATAM). He is examining the north park of the center as a possible location for Apple’s center, Calcalist learned.

Apple is interested in this particular area as it is very close to the Technion. The Technion is Israel’s Institute of Technology and is proving to be a highly popular site for major tech companies. Already the area is home to Intel, Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and Qualcomm. The R&D facility is thought to be aimed at developing flash storage technologies for iOS devices and maybe further development of the A5 CPU.

Source: Ynetnews via Jeff


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Reader comments

Apple looking to open an R&D facility in Israel


Things like this is why I will be unemployed in a few weeks, and the US will have no skilled labor. We have a ton of McDonald's though so we should be OK.
Way to keep the cycle going Apple.

There are hundreds of thousands of people out of work in our country - don't make me feel sorry for my recent purchases: 2 iPads, 1 iPhone and iPod. Where did Apple employees receive their educations? Signed: A high school teacher

Maybe if you told the top execs and all the money grubbing stock owners to shut up about their wealth and how much black they want on that bottom line, companies won't have to go for cheaper labor in order to keep that bottom line inflated like you want.
The country and the world has no one to blame but themselves. The investors and owners of companies are the ones who drive the market and the companies to make moves such as this. They cannot jack the prices up because you complain their products cost too much, but at the same time you want your profit margins to go up. Their only option is to make the products cheaper via cheaper labor and component cost. Blame yourselves... you let it get this way.

Unfortunately, if we had several thousand US works in a Union facility making Apple products, iPhones would be $1000 each and thats with carrier subsidies. Imagine how much MacBook Pros would be...

I doubt the reason for opening an R&D facility (not manufacturing) is motivated by cost but more likely people's technical skills. For those of you who read the article, the graduates from Technion are brilliant. It's for this reason that they wish to tap into both the new graduates and alumni and utilize their engineering know how for the next generation of chips and other tech that Apple has in mind. Obviously the USA has brilliant engineers from MIT, etc but there is only so much talent to go round with so many tech firms seeking their skills.