Apple open to opening more APIs in the future, but not for Facebook Home

Apple open to opening more APIs in the future, but not for Facebook Home

At D11, when Walt Mossberg came after Tim Cook on the issue of openness, and how Apple wouldn't open their Home screen to Facebook's Chat Heads, and how their keyboard had fallen behind Android third party solutions (like Swype or Swiftkey), Tim Cook responded that Apple would open things up in the future.

Not wide enough for Chat Heads to get in, of course, but wider than what the current iOS SDK allows, and something third parties could do... something with.

Since resounding market success has thus far eluded Facebook Home, none of that is surprising. It's always been a solution in search of a problem. However, the idea of deeper third party access is certainly interesting.

But can anyone seriously see a near-term future where Swype would be allowed to replace the default iOS keyboard?

Via: Engadget

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Apple open to opening more APIs in the future, but not for Facebook Home


Having moved recently from an iPhone to a Nexus 4 (with the keyboard Google borrowed from Swype), I do find iOS's keyboard painful to use now.

If Apple don't allow third party keyboards, I hope they at least try to innovate on the functionality of the stock one.

Would be nice to see keyboard options and the ability to set other browsers as the default. But as far as opening the code up, I don't think they'll open it enough to make a big difference.

Facebook may never go away but it's dying as something truly popular. I pretty much ignore mine. It exists so people can find me in an emergency or for people i knew long ago to connect should they want to. But i don't check it daily.