Apple Owns 51% of Mobile Web... And Growing!

According to Admob (via TUAW), Apple's share of the mobile Web is big and might just be getting bigger:

Worldwide requests from Apple devices grew 28% month over month to 1.2 billion in January. Building on its strong December, iPod Touch growth outpaced iPhone growth in top markets. The iPod Touch now represents 40% of Apple requests, up from 20% in September.

People like great mobile browsers that can handle HTML, CSS, and AJAX, who'd have thunk it?

Of course, competing devices from Nokia, Palm, and Google, are beginning to use Apple's WebKit in browsers of their own, Firefox keeps threatening to push their mobile Fennec client to release status, and RIM is inching the Bold towards usability, so can Apple and the iPhone/Safari team maintain their leading edge?

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Rene Ritchie

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Reader comments

Apple Owns 51% of Mobile Web... And Growing!


I think Apple's share will only increase in the months ahead. Several of my friends have smart phones, but I'm the only one with an iPhone. I don't know how many times they want to borrow my phone to check something online instead of using their phone. Safari is really good now, 2.2.1 has made it like a rock.

I used to complain about frequent Safari crashes (especially when browsing the desktop version of FACEBOOK). Well, no longer. With the 2.2.1, Safari has never been more reliable and stable.

And with all this success it could be so much more. Flash, anyone? It's the biggest omission and wouldbcause a huge spike in share, IMHO.

Tunnelrunner why don't you use the facebook app? Yes my friends that have smartphones ask to use my iPhone as well

From what I've heard, there are still some missing features from the normal version - that's just from the user reviews I've read from the App. store.
Besides, I'm a purist. I want the authentic desktop experience if I can! :)

I know. I don't know what exactly they did but this time they actually got it right with the 2.2.1 safari improvements. I've only had safari crash once on me since updating on release day.
Considering it used to crash multiple times a day, especially with certain sites, I would say this is a vast improvement.

@Allen: I think Facebook's mobile site is even better than it's app. And when friends ask to use my iPhone, I ask them if I can look through their wallets (or purses). That usually puts an end to that.
I was surprised to even see Samsung on that chart.

The big surprise (to me at least) is how much of this it Touch, given the iphone 17 million sales numbers.
In fact it really all comes down to that 17 million number plus however many Touches have been sold.

Of course, competing devices from Nokia, Palm, and Google, are beginning to use Apple’s WebKit

Apple's WebKit?
You mean the WebKit Apple ripped off from the Linux KDE project? The WebKit they only admitted was stolen when Free Software Foundation lawyers came calling... That WebKit?

@Bill Taroli
I believe the lack of Flash is actually part of the success. It decreases load times and ensures that battery life and device performance is not killed by a website component.

That's the main reason I got the iPhone the browser is way better than most devices. If RIM could get theirs right on their phones. The browser on my Bold sucks! Wish Apple would license out Safari like Opera

I have a few friends with Nokia E71's, which also uses webkit. The experience is horrible for them, and they generally avoid using it unless it's essential. They also can't work out email properly on it either. So it's more than just Safari, it's the whole user experience in my opinion - and that's difficult for other manufacturers to acheive.

@Icebike: Yes, I mean the Konquerer KHTML browser which Apple now contributes to as the WebKit project. And no, I've never in my life found anything to be sarcastic.
Now I'm off to calculate Spyglasses share of Internet Explorer revenue...

is it better than the google G1 phone for it? what about a phone like the blackberry storm or bold? any opinions?

Hey, great resource! It was as if you read my mind... Small suggestion. I already follow on twitter, but I'd like to retweet your post. Is it me, or do you have one?