Apple Peel 520 sleeve gives your iPod touch cell services, coming March 28

The Apple Peel 520 t has now been confirmed that it will be released in China on March 28, that is next week! Back in July 2010, we heard about an iPod touch sleeve coming out of China called the Apple Peel 520. What's interesting about this particular sleeve is it can give your iPod touch cell services.

The sleeve will allow you to make normal phone calls, send text messages and also use GPRS data services. It also has a battery built in too, to offer some extra juice to your iPod touch when you’re using it. Of course your iPod touch will need to be jailbroken.

The price for the sleeve will be around ¥520 ($79) if you are prepared to pre-order or ¥598 ($99) if you wait for it to be released. No news on international shipping, or if it will be available outside of China; we will have to wait and see.

Could you see a need for cell services on an iPod touch? Would you buy one of these if they are available in your country? Let us know in the comments!


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Reader comments

Apple Peel 520 sleeve gives your iPod touch cell services, coming March 28


So I can pay them $100 to basically make my iPod touch $250 for an 8gb) into a really crappy iPhone or I could probably spend the same cash on a used 3GS that has actual support, 3G data speeds etc

This is assuming that you ALREADY HAVE an iPod Touch. Wow...
This is not assuming that you're going to run out and get an iPod Touch INSTEAD. Brains, people. Please use them.

It doesn't give you cellular service, it turns your iPod Touch into a cellular phone. You still need to buy service from a carrier - any GSM carrier should do.

I think this would be useful for my girlfriend because she has an iPod touch but no cellphone. And for $100 she pretty much gets an iPhone.

I don't have one. I make do with an iPod and wifi. And there is always someone around that will let me use theirs. Sure it is a pain, but my parents can't afford one for me. Plans are just so ridiculous.

if you dont mind cell phone like features ( meaning have to use it around wifi hotspot or in your house wifi etc ) line2 is $10 a month for unlim calling usa and canada and unlim texting. assuming you are in use or canada that is

If located in the Us, check out virginmobile USA. They have a smartphone( android) phone plan for like 25$. The optimus v works great!

Yes, I would love it. No way am I spending $100 on something that requires a jailbreak though.

Yea, I can see why someone would want something like this.... too bad on the jail-brake. I currently have an iPod and a cell-phone on a pay-as-I-go plan for like $10/mo. I'd get an iPhone, but I'm not paying the crazy plans. What I really want is an iPhone that I could just sign up to one of the $10/mo plans... as I'm almost always in WiFi and use VoIP, but just need cell coverage in case the car breaks down or something.
Best solution would be if the telcos brought plans into a reasonable price range, but I fear things are headed the opposite direction. I guess we can look at it as an interesting experiment to see how much people will, in fact, pay for their phone service.... more than a car payment? a mortgage payment? Sheesh!

do you need a sim card with wifi to call and text? and does the sim card support US Cellular?