Apple posts new video titled 'Making a difference. One app at a time.'

Apple has just posted a new video to their YouTube channel entitled Making a difference. One app at a time. which basically highlights show apps have actually impacted people's lives and in many instances, made their lives better.

The entire video highlights different ways in which people all over the world have used apps to either learn, help others learn, or enhance their lives. Apps like Proloquo2Go, Skyscape, and many others have actually helped people learn, communicate, and in some instances, even made things in their daily lives possible that weren't before. You can check out the entire video for yourself above.

Source: Apple YouTube channel

Allyson Kazmucha

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Corlynn says:

please remove the extra s in 'highlights how' it currently says 'highlights show'

zeratul65535 says:

While this is a video produced by Apple, it's not really about Apple. What it does highlight, and does good job at it, is the ingenuinity of of the human race. Our collective potential to solve problems, adapt, and reach out to others in need of assistance / support.

I don't know if Apple supports these programs exclusively, and that's why they were chosen, nor is that implied anywhere. However, it would be of greater significance if these apps were developed and maintained for all mobile platforms - android, bb, windows. It is the app that helps make the difference, not necessarily just the hardware or it's brand. And there are many players in the field of phones and tablets.

nuvsjain says:


Skyscape was original developed for Palm/Windows Mobile. It's now available for iOS/BB/Android.

Ides of Buster says:

Aw dang it! That video brought a tear to my eyes.

Alex_Hong says:

Excellent video imo. Really showcases how technology can help enrich and aid people's daily life. In many instances these are technology that really do change people's life for the better. This reminds me of the video they showed at the iPhone 5 event. Really awesome. Thanks for sharing, Ally!

nuvsjain says:

The "Making a Difference" video was created for this week's WWDC conference. It was originally posted to Apple's site on Monday.

The first segment highlights my company, Skyscape, and a non-profit we helped launch, Health eVillages. As you can imagine, it's very gratifying to have Apple recognize the efforts of our company & others in such an emotional video.

Apple has been doing this for three years now, starting in 2011 with the "iPad: Year One" video and last year with the same title, "Making a Difference. One App at a Time." In both cases the video was shown during the keynote, but apparently this year there wasn't enough time.

James Lee9 says:

Excellent video.

However, the key message in the video can be easily adapted for Android devices.

The Apple video said "Each iOS app offers remarkable — and often delightful — possibilities. But the most powerful iOS apps ever are ones that change people’s lives in ways they never imagined."

Google can also say "Each Android app offers remarkable — and often delightful — possibilities. But the most powerful Android apps ever are ones that change people’s lives in ways they never imagined."

Similar/Same Android apps are:

1a. Skyscape (from the video)

1b. Healthcare (in general)

2. Prosthetics (related apps)

3. Cherokee language related apps

4. Proloquo2Go similar Andriod Apps

In any case, the existence of Android apps and iOS apps do give users of either platform a run for their money.

Great work, Apple & Google!

ZkiZZoiD says:

Very touching video. Nice one Apple!